Saturday, April 01, 2006

Need tech help....

and my daughter, Naive, has been too busy to come and help me. She was busy packing and getting ready and taking care of things she needed to clean up before she left for vacation. There is something wrong with the software that connects my digital camera to the computer for transferring pictures. I have tried everything I can think of. Uninstalling the software and re-installing it. Nothing works. I guess I will just have to wait for her return.

Naive and her family left for Myrtle Beach Friday afternoon. I would love to go on vacation where it is warm! They didn't invite me to go with them. Of course I couldn't have gone see I promised to take care of their dog, Bailey, while they were gone. Yep...they go on vacation and "good ole' mom" stays at home and takes care of the family pet! I don't mind, really! I just thought it would be something to talk about and see how much sympathy I could muster up! Not much, huh? And you know what else? I never even remembered to ask them when they would be back!!

The last few days have been fairly nice here, warmer temps and more sunshine.....except for today! Looks like they got out of here just in time. The temperature has plummeted to the mid 40's and clouds have once again overtaken our view of blue sky and sunshine. I know it can't last forever, but it seems to just keep dragging on and sometimes I wonder if old man winter will release his hold on us so we can enjoy some spring weather before it is time for summer! And according to the newest long-range weather reports they are calling for the return of snow for part of this coming week!

Gotta love Michigan!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Martie,

I bet Bailey is a lot of fun! Our low tonight will be warmer than your high for the day. I don't like the *s* word (snow). LOL

I would love to help you out with the camera issue but I know very little about your setup. I have a card reader that I place my card into. It uses a USB connection. I don't use specific software to retrieve my digital camera pictures. Depending upon your setup, there could be many reasons why you are having difficulities. If I begin having a issue with my computer, I always ask myself what I done recently that is new or different. I rule out the possibility of a problem from a recent change or addition. Also, if this software is camera specific, go to their website and look for a troubleshooting section.

Hope your Sunday is warmer!

Lori said...

Gosh Martie, I have no clue. My husband and son are our computer techs...and even my daughter is better than I am. Guess that makes me low tech on the pole!

I'm glad that naive had a chance to get away. I'm with you on stowing away in the suitcase, though. I'd be really quiet, and no bother at all! ;-)

martie said...

BF ~ My digital camera hooks up to the computer via UBS cable. It came with software to load and I did that when I first got the camera and now it tells me it can't find any device connected for transferring pictures when I hook the camera to the UBS cable. I've been to the specific website and troubleshooting said I would need to re-install as the driver was probably corrupt and would fix itself after I did the un-install/re-install and then hooked the camera back up. NOT! I'll just wait until one of the kids can come and look at it.....sure is nice to have smart children!

Lori ~ I don't think we are supposed to be to computer savvy....our children and hubby's would then start to have complexes! LOL>

Connie and Rob said...

Oh no yucky snow. It is time for spring! I guess you are used to this I am sure.

You could have gone on vacation with them and watched the

Take care,