Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011

Okay, it is the middle of November.  The 15th, opening day of gun deer season has begun in Michigan.  It was also the day that my first husband, Dave, passed away at the age of 34 from cancer, leaving me with 3 small children to raise.  Fast forward 36 years later and I have remarried a wonderful man, have 5 children between us and a few adopted ones to boot, 20 - some grand kids and enough love for more if need be!

Two of the older boys went deer hunting near the Gun Lake area where we live.  They both were successful and came away with bucks.  Small bucks, but still bucks!  Hubby, who goes all the way up north the Michigan's Upper Peninsula called and he has seen nothing!  Should have stayed home and hunted nearer to where you live, silly!

It is cold out tonight.  In fact it is the coldest night since March 26th I think they said on the news.  It is 32ยบ right now outside.  It is supposed to get even colder.  No snow yet though.  Oh, we had some snow already this fall, but it didn't last long....the kind I like!

I will need to begin Christmas shopping soon.  With so many people to purchase gifts for, I must begin fairly early and shop only for sale items.  Hopefully the things we want to give will be on sale!  We have been lucky in the past, so I'm confident that it will work out this year also. 

We do have some bad news this season.  Our youngest son and his wife are no longer together.  It saddens me, but there is nothing I can do about it.  We will remain close with our daughter-in-law and our two grandsons.  They are welcome in our home anytime.  I'm not sure how Christmas or Thanksgiving will be handled this year as our son has a girlfriend who also has children.  Which adds more expense to our Christmas giving.  And at the present time, our sons cell phone is turned off, he has no job, no car and we have no way of contacting him.  I don't even know when the last time was that he spoke with his sons or has seen them.  Very sad situation indeed.  He was always such a good father....I just don't understand what is going on.  This is not like him at all.

But, on an up note, our 2nd youngest son who married a year ago this past Sept. is still extremely happy and he and his wife and family are doing remarkably well.  I've waited a good long time for this to happen and I can say that I am very pleased with the results and the fine job they are doing of blending families together! 

Our oldest son and his family are fine also.  He has injured his knee and has a doctor appointment tomorrow to have that checked out.  I keep telling him he's not as young as he once was.  He will be 40 on Nov. 21st.  He has a lovely family and his kids are growing like weeds as kids do.  His wife is doing well and she is very dear to us too.

Our youngest daughter in Kentucky now has 4 children and is in the process of building their new home.  We are so happy for them.  The only drawback is that due to the cost of building a home, they won't be able to afford to come home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year.  But the desperately need a new, bigger home to house them all, and we are very grateful that they have been able to accomplish this.  I am hoping they might be able to actually be in their new home by Christmas.....boy what a blessing that would be for them.

Our oldest daughter and her husband have just the one child left at home now.  The older two have moved out and are working and attending college.  They are actually old enough to be married and starting families of their own, but have chosen to wait.  I'm glad.....they need to enjoy themselves before they settle down with a family.  But whatever they choose to do is okay with me as long as they remain happy and a part of our lives too.

Well, that's about it.  I just felt the need to bring this blog up to date with my children and grandchildren and I think I've done just that. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone....may you have a safe and wonderful holiday!