Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blustery days!

Well here it is the middle of October.  The temps are cool, highs in the low 50's with very strong winds which will probably strip the trees of their leaves in very short order.  We did make it on a color tour this year and the colors were beautiful as you can see by the above photos.  This was on Oct. 7, 2011. 

Now it is Oct. 18th, my oldest daughters 43 birthday!  Happy Birthday Michelle!  And tomorrow, the 19th is the birthday of two of my granddaughters, Hannah and Harley!  Happy Birthday girls!  On the 26th, my grandson Drew, will turn 7.  Doesn't seem possible that he is going to be that old already.  As I get older the time seems to slip by much faster.  I wish it would slow down and give me a chance to enjoy each age my grand children are before rushing ahead like a fast moving brook!

My mind wanders, back to the color tour.  We had a very pleasant day and I am glad hubby is laid off right now or we probably would have missed it this year.  As of today, with all the wind we have been having, the trees are almost void of leaves except for the mighty oak whose leaves turn brown but seem to hang there forever as a stark reminder of the beautiful green and the shade they once provided in the summer.