Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stupid commercials!

I don't usually rant and rave about something I've seen on television, but this has really ticked me off.

There is a commercial out for a 'no touch' soap dispenser. It advertises that the other soap dispensers are covered with germs when you touch the top to dispense the soap. Do these people really think we are all idiots? That we can't figure out that if you pick up germs from the touchable soap dispenser to get soap in your hand to wash, that the antibacterial soap you have in your hand will not destroy the germs you may have picked up from the top of the soap dispenser.

I mean, really, the tactics manufacturers will stoop too in order to get the public to purchase their products. And what an insult to our intelligence!

I guess it's really trivial in comparison to the over all conditions we all face in this world............but this one just pushed me over the top!

Good Night!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No storms today!

Well, even though thunderstorms were predicted for today, they never showed up. And now I am glad I didn't mention it to the girls (our dogs) or they would have been restless and worried for no reason. In fact it ended up being quite a nice day! Sunshine and highs in the high 50's.

I made dinner for our oldest daughter and her family. They moved into their new home recently and are still trying to get settled in. They are living in the basement while they finish the upstairs which will eventually be the main living quarters and main floor. But it is quite cozy the way they have it set up in the walkout basement. Anyway, I thought it would be easier for them if they didn't have to stop and take time away from unpacking to cook. I took them lemon pepper chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Forgot the dessert............ice cream.....left it home in the freezer but that's okay, you can bet that I'll eat it!

My daughter-in-law took their dinner over to them the other night..........she took chicken spaghetti and garlic bread and a homemade peanut butter pie which is to die for. It was so nice of her to do that........but she is a great gal and comes from a great family........our lives have been enriched since she joined our family!

Well, it's getting late, and I need to work tomorrow, so this is abiento.............goodbye in French!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We had a couple of big storms roll through here late last night and ealry this morning. Lots of thunder, lightening and high winds!

I happen to live with two dogs who don't like storms. One is absolutely terrified and is very hard to console and the other one just seems to need to be close by. Well, in all reality they both need to be close by. Either on the bed or right next to where I am, sitting or sleeping, and have my hand touching them. A foot is just not good enough! So if the power goes out and your are trying to read a book with a flashlight as long as the 'girls' won't let you sleep anyway, it is near impossible unless you are very adept at holding the flashlight in your mouth and turning pages with your feet if you are lucky enough to be able to get them that high!

They (the meteoroligistsa) are predicting more thunderstorms for tonight). I can only hope that they are terribly wrong with their predictions!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

I did it and I'm not sorry!

Okay, I gave my 2 week notice yesterday and my last day of work will be April 15th. And since I only work part-time anyway (Wed., Thurs, and Fri) I only have 6 days left to work. Normally it would be five, but I am commited to filling in for the girl I job share with on April 12th while she goes to a doctor appointment. But The 12th is only a 3 hour day, where Wed. and Thurs. still are whole days. It is what it is.............and that's that!