Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Everythings bigger in TEXAS

Meet 'Big Tex'! He towers over every Texas State Fair! They say he even says "howdy", but I didn't hear him. The next pic is me way up high on the ferris wheel with the Cotton Bowl directly behind me. I was so surprised to see the Cotton Bowl right there on the fair grounds that I had Ame take my picture! The Texas/OSU game or the OSU/Texas game (depending on where you are from and who you support) was the following Saturday..........while the State Fair was still going on. What a zoo that must have been. We left town that day and headed for Oklahoma to meet a couple more blogging friends....one of Ame's and a mutual blogging friend. They were both delightful and we had such a good time talking and laughing and did I mention talking and laughing? My sides were actully starting to hurt. We had lunch with Chris and visited and then ventured further north to meet Barbie.