Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Family news..............

I am very excited tonight.  I just found out that my middle son and his fiance√® are tentatively planning their wedding for the 24th or 25th of September.  I often wondered if I would live to see this day.  They both have children from previous relationships and will be blending a family.  I know it won't be easy for them, but my son had good teachers as his step-dad and I married and blended our two families into one, and it was successful! Albeit not without some hardships along the way, but we were able to accomplish it and I know they will be successful at it too!  I have notified all of his siblings tonight so they can plan on keeping those days open.  Our youngest son and his wife were married on Sept. 25th a few years ago and I'm hoping they can make it and don't have plans to celebrate their anniversary already.  Our youngest daughter and her family live in Kentucky and may not be able to attend.  We will understand, but I sure wish they could!  That is the most important news of the day.

The other news is I have a doctor appointment with my original cardiologist tomorrow and am hoping that he knows of some other doctor, perhaps in another state or a major university that can preform the procedure I need without telling me that I won't come off the table alive.  I have mixed feelings about this appointment......excited that I may get good news and leery that I may be told the same things that have already been said.  So for those of you out there reading this, who believe in God, I would appreciate any prayers you can find in your heart to offer for me!

It may take me a day or two to let you know what I find out, but I will let you all know eventually!  And God Bless you all!