Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jan. 4, 2012

Seems strange to write the year as 2012, but that's what it is now.  We have finished another year and have a brand new book so to speak with brand new pages to write on and fill.  To me it feels like getting a brand new big box of crayons all shiny and bright!

Christmas was as wonderful as could be expected with our youngest son being separated from his wife and children.  Although, he and his children were here for our traditional Christmas Day buffet and gift exchange.  We did miss his wife, but I guess people change and so do situations and we don't have any control over that.  Also, our youngest daughter and her family didn't make it up from Kentucky for the celebration either.  They are in the process of building a new home and the added expense of a trip to Michigan just wasn't in their budget.  They have missed two Christmases in a row now.  And I'm sure that traveling with 4 children isn't as easy as traveling with 3.

The day after Christmas I was having some trouble being short of breath and some pain in my neck, so we headed to the hospital just to be safe.  I was admitted and stayed until evening of the 28th to get released and head home.  Was not how I planned my week between Christmas and New Year but once again, some things we have no control over.  I have a blockage but they are just going to treat it with medication for now.  Going in for a heart cath with the contrast dye they must use is too risky for my kidneys at this time.  Maybe in the future, but not now.  I will just have to live with it the best I can and resume my normal activities as tolerated and rest when I get tired.  Not my idea of the way I like to do things, but it is what it is and I will have to learn to cope with it!

Hoping you all have a wonderful year ahead of you filled with loved ones close and health abundant.