Saturday, April 21, 2018

March 24, 2018

Well, it is now Spring!  At least the calendar says it is and the sun has been out and shining the last few days but it isn't a lot warmer.  That's what I'm waiting for..........warm weather to arrive before I feel it is spring.

Amber had her 23rd birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  Seems like she should still be little playing with dolls instead of 23 with 2 children of her own.  Speaking of children, I am waiting for word that Steve and Ashley are new parents.  She is in labor in the hospital and I am harldy able to contain myself.  I am looking forward to my first grandchild having a child of his own.  They know it is a girl and they are naming her Willow.  I think it is a really cute name.  I hope she doesn't have a rough time of it.  Michelle is at the hospital with them and I would have loved to go but I would just be uncomfortable and they most likely didn't want a whole group of people there.  I'm sure Ashley's parents are there too.  Michelle said she will let me know as soon as they baby is here and she will send a picture of her.  So it is almost 2 AM and I will try and get some sleep.  I know that I will want to go to the hospital tomorrow sometime and pay a visit to Ashley, Steve and the new baby Willow!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Autumn 2017

Well another Autumn has arrived and will be gone before we know it.  Then it will officially be Winter.......which means cold, snow and shoveling, icy bad roads and staying inside!  I think the snow is beautiful but I am not in love with the cold weather and slippery roads! 

Tom has been busy working overtime hours and not getting enough rest and sleep.  He just won't quit all the overtime.  I know that when they post it, he has to work it.  But he doesn't have to always volunteer for it!  He says we "need" the money.  Which isn't entirely true.  Yes, the extra money is nice especially with Christmas coming up, but we don't need it to survive.  But will I ever convince him of that?  NOT A CHANCE!

Michelle turned 49 October 18th!  I can't believe that I have a daughter that old.  I remember when I was that age and it doesn't seem that long ago, but I guess it really is!  All the kids and grandkids are getting older.  Emily and Tyler's wedding was beautiful......if not on the chilly side.  It was 46ยบ up in the mountains where she chose to have the wedding ceremony.......windy and it had rained early that morning.  Some one said they also saw hail.......and this was August!  And there was still snow in places in the mountains.  It was almost to the Continental Divide!

Thanksgiving and deer hunting..........

November 13, 2017  

Almost Thanksgiving again.  I love this holiday.  Would love it even more if my hubby were here every Thanksgiving instead of only when he can't get the vacation time off from work because they are too busy!  The overtime is nice money, but I really think that 10 hour days 5 days a week and 8 hour days the other 1 or 2  is ridiculous.  Of course hubby volenteers for the 8 hours Sunday.......ugh!  I try to tell him that he can't spend the money if he is dead in the ground but  he doesn't listen.  I won't need the money  if his dead either......I will have the insurance money!  There is a 14 year age difference between us..........I am the oldest.  I will most likely pass away before he does and I would like to have as much time as possible with him while I am still alive and in relatively good health.

Soon after  Thanksgiving it will be Christmas again...........I love that time of year.  Not as much as I use to though.  I can't do the decorating like I use to and that is half the fun of Christmas for me.  It's hell to get too old to participate in the things you use to do and not be able to do them anymore.  I hate it and it is depressing!  And some of the people can't attend the holiday with us the way they use to either.  Everyone is getting older and they have other places they need to be.  That sucks too for me!