Sunday, November 15, 2015

October 2013

Well, it's been quite some time since I last posted and I miss blogging. I think when Facebook came out I was spending a lot of time there, but now it is getting old and tiresome to me. So I decided to go back to blogging to see if I can still write anything interesting........nothing profound, just the usual stuff. I actually don't even know when the last time was that I was here but it must have been close to a year ago. Not much has changed.......oh, I've gotten older but that happens every year so that's not new. The kids are well as are the grandkids. The grandkids are all growing up way to fast for my liking. Amber is now 18 1/2 and is living with her boyfriend and I rarely see her. I miss her terribly but what can ya do! Drew is now 9 and our oldest grandson is 24 and the youngest granddaughter is 4 now. No babies left. Maybe Bumpa and I will live long enough to see a greatgrandchild but it doesn't look very hopeful or likely at this point. I guess I would rather wait until they are ready and want to have babies anyway. None of this 'surpise' stuff! It's almost Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for. Of course I often forget and complain about things too instead of putting my blessings first! I guess that is typical of least this one!
Okay, it is the 15th of November 2015.  My first husband has now been gone 40 years today!  Doesn't seem possible that we have come so far since then and the kids are all grown up with families.  Time waits for no one.  They are all relatively happy.  The oldest son is getting a divorce but he and his wife have handled it very well and the kids are doing good and are okay with it!  The middle son is doing good with his wife and all children are doing good there too.  The youngest son is still with that same girlfriend and have their ups and downs...........right now they are  having an "ups" time. His soon to be ex-wife is doing fantastic finally.  Has found herself a new man who treats her and the boys extremely well!  We are  happy for her and our grandsons!  Both girls are doing good..........the oldest has a new job and she is able to work from  home now.  The youngest is still living in Kentucky and seems happy at the moment.

Our granddaughter, Amber is living with us along with her boyfriend Bobby.  They seem well matched and get along great.  Her baby Triton is 14 months old now and is walking and climbing and gets into everything!  But he is a joy.  He has to go every weekend to see his Daddy according to the temporary court order but she has a date on Dec. 23rd at 2 PM to establish child support and set up permanent parental visitation which hopefully will only be every other weekend.  We will have the baby for Thanksgiving because he doesn't have to go with his dad until Friday at 6PM after the holiday.  As it stands now we will also have him for Christmas morning until 6PM that evening unless that changes on December 23rd after the new court date.  Amber is doing work in the house to earn money to pay her's only $20. a week but still it is something.  We are basically supporting her and the baby and have for most of the year so we will be claiming them on our taxes this year.

Tom is in the U.P. deer hunting and I hope he has a good time and is able to get his "buck" this year.  Usually all he gets is "back"!  LOL! He is  up there with his Uncle Rick and some other family members.  I will miss him.  He will only be gone one week this year because no one else is able to go for the 2nd week up there.  I think he said he was off the rest of November now.  Maybe I can get my eyes tested and new glasses which I desperately need and perhaps get some Christmas shopping at least started!  I don't like waiting until the last minute.  I like to get my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but am wondering this year how good of an idea that is having the busy great-grandson into everything.  I can picture him wanting to take the ornaments off my tree!  It will be fun to see his expression after the tree is completely decorated and the lights are all turned on!  Last year he was only 4 months old at Christmas time so he doesn't remember much about it and he was basically immobile last year and this year is a totally different ball game!   It should be a lot of fun!  

I better try and get some more sleep.  It is now 4:37 AM and I will have to get up and get some things accomplished in the morning before that great grand-baby gets  home late afternoon!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of  you!