Saturday, January 09, 2010

9 days into the New Year............

and it is my oldest grandsons birthday. He is 21 today..........the official entry into adulthood! But he's been an adult since he was 18 at least and perhaps even before that. Always a responsible young man with wisdom beyond his years in age.....always kind, considerate and polite. I've never heard him speak rudely to anyone, not even his siblings. His sister Em will be 18 in April and his little brother, Drew was just 5 the end of October, 2009. Steve has always been one of Drew's biggest fans and vice versa. They absolutely adore one shows on both their faces when Steve walks in the door coming home from college for a visit! A rare thing in today's world of older siblings being too busy to have time for younger ones.........especially with the age difference between these two! It is amazing and awesome just to watch them interact together. Yet they are a very close knit family and I guess I should give credit where credit is due. My daughter (who is 41 now and I'm still pondering how she got that old) has been such a great influence on all her kids. If there were such a thing as a 'Wonder Mom' she would have that title. She was always patient and kind and listened to their explanation before doling out any kind of punishment.............she didn't learn that from me! I can really say that I admire and respect her.............she deserves both, if not more!

So this is a Happy Birthday to Steve, our first born grand child, and to my daughter, for without her, Steve wouldn't be here or who he is.

How did I get so blessed!