Saturday, April 21, 2018

March 24, 2018

Well, it is now Spring!  At least the calendar says it is and the sun has been out and shining the last few days but it isn't a lot warmer.  That's what I'm waiting for..........warm weather to arrive before I feel it is spring.

Amber had her 23rd birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  Seems like she should still be little playing with dolls instead of 23 with 2 children of her own.  Speaking of children, I am waiting for word that Steve and Ashley are new parents.  She is in labor in the hospital and I am harldy able to contain myself.  I am looking forward to my first grandchild having a child of his own.  They know it is a girl and they are naming her Willow.  I think it is a really cute name.  I hope she doesn't have a rough time of it.  Michelle is at the hospital with them and I would have loved to go but I would just be uncomfortable and they most likely didn't want a whole group of people there.  I'm sure Ashley's parents are there too.  Michelle said she will let me know as soon as they baby is here and she will send a picture of her.  So it is almost 2 AM and I will try and get some sleep.  I know that I will want to go to the hospital tomorrow sometime and pay a visit to Ashley, Steve and the new baby Willow!