Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here it is, Feb. 12, 2014.  Seems the time goes faster and faster and I get older and older!  Of course the alternative to getting older isn't that appealing to me either so I'll take the getting older!  A couple more days and it will be Valentine's Day!  We don't really have any plans nor do we ever really make any for what we consider a 'Hallmark' day!  We try and show how much we love each other every day of the year.......not just a day the card companies think we should!

He goes to work every day (when he's not laid off or on vacation) and works plenty hard to provide a good living for us.  And when he is laid off, he works hard helping me in the house and working outside the house providing firewood for the fireplace as supplemental heating and just because I like to have a fire in the fireplace!  If I am sick or just not feeling good, he steps up and does all of the housework, plus waits on me.  I am one lucky woman and don't think I don't know it!

I am eagerally awaiting the arrival of Spring while wondering if it will ever get here.  We have had a very long and cold and snowy winter and most people are ready for Spring to show it's most welcome face this year.  We have had over 90 inches of snow and we have not had a day above freezing since sometime in December.  Lake Michigan has more ice on it than it has had in a decade which should really raise the level of that Great Lake.  If we do get any rain and warmer temperatures, we are at risk of flooding with so much ice on the lakes and rivers.  We could very well have a terrible flood problem.  Thank goodness, we are not in those areas.  The most we would get is the small creek behind our home overflowing and turning the area mushy and swampy!  It has happened before and our dogs love it of so much!