Monday, November 22, 2010

November Tornado Watch.........Really?

Well, with the temp of 59ยบ and no signs of it dropping, we are under a tornado watch until 2AM Tues. morning! This weather is unheard of in Michigan for this late in November. I mean, the hunters are hoping for snow so they can track deer if they shoot grass and mud  aren't always conducive for hunting.

I have been a hunting widow for the last week and it will continue through this week too! I'm getting used to it after 20 years of it. Besides, Tom works third shift and he's not home at night anyway, so there really isn't much change. The dogs don't even seem confused. They're used to having him gone nights and sleep during the day too!

Our Kentucky kids are supposed to come for Thanksgiving this year, but they may not make it. The kids are sick with sinus infections, the youngest one, 13 month old Abby may have pnemonia and both parents have had some kind of stomach virus. The kind where you aren't sure which end to hold over the toilet! Hope they feel better soon. I don't blame them for not wanting to make a nine hour drive with a bunch of sickies in the car. We will have to wait and see how quickly they can recover and feel better.

Amber is coming down tomorrow after school and will get to spend the weekend with me. Sure am looking forward to that. When school starts we never see as much of her as we do in the summertime. Amber lived with us the first five years of her life, so we have a special bond. Not that we love her more than the 20 some other grandkids, it's just a different kind of bond! She is the oldest child of my youngest birth son. My son and her mom never married, but have a good relationship with one another for Amber's sake. My son married for the first time in Sept. and Amber's mom is engaged, so all seems to be working out well.

I wish the rain and thunder and lightning would stop. Prancer doesn't really like all the noise and the flashes and flat out refuses to go outside to go to the bathroom when the weather gets like this. But if this were snow we probably would have an 18 inch accumulation by now. So I guess we better count our blessings and be grateful.

Until next time..........