Monday, March 27, 2006

Little girl....who ME?

I was called a little girl today which seems pretty ridiculous since I am only a couple months shy of my 60th birthday! Of course the person calling me "little girl" was a gentlemen in his 80's or 90's.

I better start at the beginning. I had a very busy day planned today so I headed out bright and early to a Wal-Mart. Upon arriving the parking lot seemed quite empty. I ran in and got what I needed and was hurrying to get back to my car for the drive home. A car backed up without looking and hit me! I didn't fall down or anything and the man driving the car was the above mentioned gentlemen. He had what I am supposing was his wife with him and she was hollering at him. And she was crying after he hit me. He was crying too! I felt so sorry for them. He kept saying "I'm so sorry little girl, I'm so sorry. Are you sure you're alright little girl?" I guess when you are in your 80's or 90's someone my age must seem like a "little girl". If my left knee didn't feel as if it were on fire, I might have thought of the referral as a compliment!

After reassuring them both that I was fine, I gave them a wide berth to finish backing out of the parking spot and head for wherever else they might be going......hopefully home to park the car!

Tonight the outside of my knee, well actually just slightly above it where that muscle is, is swollen and is starting to bruise a little.

If the driver and his wife hadn't been so upset by the whole ordeal, I might have actually been a little angry. But, they were really quite nice about the whole thing.

This is, however, why I believe that elderly people should not be given driver's licenses without taking a new road test!

But this "little girl" is now going to head off to bed! Nighty-night!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A good kind of busy!

I have had a very busy and hectic week so far. I'm glad that it's Thursday night and the week is almost done.

Monday I spent the entire day at the hospital with my cousin. She hadn't been feeling well and scheduled an appointment with her primary care physician who in turn contacted a cardioligist who scheduled a nuclear stress test that didn't come out the way everyone had hoped. As a result, the cardioligist scheduled a heart cath and my cousin requested my presence since I have experienced this myself. This cousin is the daughter of my beloved most recently departed aunt. How could I tell her "No"? The heart cath didn't go well either. They had to transport her via ambulance to a larger Heart Center to have a stent placed in an artery that had a 90% blockage in it. She begged me not to leave her, so I went to the Heart Center with her. The results of the stent placement were excellent. She came through with flying colors and seems to think that my being there made all the difference in the world! I keep telling her that the knowledge of the Doctors with the guidance of GOD are what made the difference, nothing I did or didn't do. She agrees with that assessment, but still thinks somehow I made a difference.......I have given up trying to convince her otherwise.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are filled with watching Drew for M & G. He is a delightful little boy with an infectious smile and a laugh loaded into a body that is perpetually in motion! He can make me tired just watching him move. However, I find it necessary to get on the floor and play with him. Even though it physically exhausts me I find the interaction with him well worth it. I wish everyone could hear him starts somewhere in his toes and works its way up and out and I can't help laughing too when I hear it! Since both my parents passed away before they ever saw any of their grandchildren I feel so fortunate to not only have lived to see fourteen of them so far but also that I am in good enough health to still be able to get on the floor and play with them.

I am a very lucky woman!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Keeping fingers crossed....

in the hopes that "blogger" stays up and running so I can post something new today. I have tried to access the site for 2 days now with no luck and even earlier today I was unable to post even though I could get to my blog. It wasn't just mine, there were several of them that were affected by the ongoing problems of "the blog world". Let's hope that the problems are now solved and things can function normally again.

A fellow blogger dedicated his most recent post about his grandmother to me. I feel very honored that he did this and I understand his reasons for doing so. Thank you, Stephen, for knowing that I would understand your feelings.

Friday, my usual granddaughter turned 11 years old. She didn't come to our house this weekend.....busy celebrating her birthday with her girlfriends, but she will probably come next weekend and we will have a small family celebration for her then. She wants to go to the "Build-A-Bear" store for her birthday present so we will most likely take her there and she can build her own bear. One of my other granddaughters did this and had a blast so it should be fun for her too.

In honor of her birthday, I am posting a picture of her with my dog. Many of you have asked what kind of dog I have and I have told you she is a mixed breed with her mother being a pure-bred boxer and her father a "sneaky neighborhood dog" although I stongly suspect he may have been at least part german shepard. She is unique in appearance and is a great companion for the usual granddaughter and her fur is just the right length for soaking up the tears of a young girl when grandma must on occasion say "no"!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Winter Returns!!

Well, I'm glad I got to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather while we had it. Winter has returned here. After temperatures flirting with 60-some degrees and bright sunshine and blue skies the weather is now cold (30 degrees not factoring in the wind chill) and snowy. I can't believe that just yesterday we were under a "tornado watch" and the winds were gusting to 60-70 mph and the night before last we had a terrific thunderstorm. I guess it was ushering in a cold front that has now arrived and is most unwelcome!

I finally have finished our taxes and hubby is pleased that we are getting a refund from both state and federal. I hate gathering all the info together that I need to do the taxes even if I do keep it all in one area....I still have to sort through it and it always stresses me out somewhat. But it's done now and I don't have to worry about it for another year!

I received a sad phone call the other day. A friend and neighbor from a previous neighborhood passed away. She was 57. Way to young. She had stopped by to visit me a couple weeks ago and we drank coffee and visited and laughed and caught up on each others lifes. It was a great visit and it lasted about 3 hours! She leaves behind her husband, one son and two daughters and at least 10 grandchildren. She didn't feel well and went to bed Friday night and had a heart attack in her sleep and passed away. No pain, no suffering....very peaceful. For that we can be grateful. Life is short and we never know what it holds for us or our loved ones. I will miss you my friend!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well, I actually think I am recovering and I will live! I still can't talk much beyond squeaking but some words are audible and understandable. Woohoo!! Progress is wonderful. On the down side of getting well, I found out that naive and hubby and 14-month old Drew, are all sick. Drew has bronchitis like me, and naive and hubby have the flu, according to their doctor. I personally think he is crazy and they have bronchitis too since they sound exactly like Drew and me! But, he has the degree in medicine not me, so who am I to tell him differently.

I am feeling considerably better than I had been feeling and since today was so "springy" I decided to spend some time outdoors. The sun was shining and the temperature was into the low 50's and it was very pleasant. The meteorologists are predicting strong thunderstorms for our area starting sometime tonight and lasting a couple days so I wanted to enjoy the nice spring-like weather while I had the chance.

The trees are beginning to bud. Off to the right outside my back door is a maple tree and the buds on it are very large and red. They almost look like red velvet and I wished I could reach up and touch them to see if they felt as soft as they looked! To the left of my door is an area that contains day lilies and I could see that there were several of them poking up through the soft brown earth relishing in the warmth of the sun like me. It was so nice that I hated to see the day end and am not looking forward to the upcoming storms. But, without the rain we can't have the flowers and without the bad weather we would never truly appreciate the good I guess we will take the bad along with the good and hush up about it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Azithromycin Pak (Super Anti-biotic)

Went to the doctor this afternoon and he was almost positive that I had pneumonia so he did some chest x-rays. NOPE! Not pneumonia......Bronchitis. He said that by all the squeaks he could hear in my lungs he was surprised not find any fluid there. He also said it was a good thing that I came in when I did or it would probably have progressed to pneumonia and he would rather treat bronchitis than pneumonia! This is my primary care physician and it is the first time he has taken a chest x-ray since my bypass surgery almost 4 years ago. He made an attempt to be a comic by saying, and I quote, "look at all that wire in there; it goes right through your sternum. There's more wire in there than in the fence in my backyard!" Very funny doctor (rolling eyes)!

So I took two of these pills this afternoon when I got home and I will only have to take one a day for the next four days and that should take care of it. Hooray!! He said this anti-biotic remains in your system for about 10 days so it keeps on working.

My ribs and muscles are so dang sore from all the coughing that I can hardly move in certain laying down and getting up hurts! And I am trying really hard to not cough......that's the worst. Even sneezes are a pain. I think that I will sleep half sitting up in the recliner tonight to perhaps stop the coughing as much as possible. Besides, I don't want to keep hubby awake since he has to work tomorrow.

So, I am feeling a little better and I should be fever free tomorrow morning.....woohoo! That will seem nice.....and I might even feel like taking a shower and getting dressed! Maybe I can even see Clew and Naive tomorrow when they return from their overnight scrapping party.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated! ;) Now I'm heading off to try and get some rest.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


When should a grown up result to calling the doctor? When is it justified? After 4 days of running a fever between 100.3 and 101.7 and feeling like crap I am debating on if I should call the Dr. or wait until my scheduled appointment on Monday for my semi-monthly TUNE-UP! I hate to go through the whole weekend sick and not having any medicine to take if needed for this crap.

At first, I thought it was just a cold, but I have never run a fever with just a cold! I had a flu shot last October so I shouldn't have gotten such a severe case of flu, if indeed thats what this is. Although after several bouts with pneumonia over the years I'm thinking that is what it feels like. As long as I take ibuprophen every 4 hours the fever stays down and I don't feel too bad. Except of course from the sore muscles and ribs from coughing so violently which causes me to toss my cookies! I know, gross, but there isn't a nice way to say it.

I have tried taking Coricidin HPB Chest Congestion and Cough pills (that's the only medicine over the counter I can take for these symptoms due to heart disease and hypertension and the prescription drugs I am on) but they don 't really seem to be helping at all.

I guess I will call the Doctors office first thing in the morning and let them make the decision of weather or not I need to be seen. After all, what's another Dr. bill, huh?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No time to post....

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to think of anything creative to post. And now I have been sick for the last two days ~ running a fever and hacking and coughing and aching, etc. I have visited all my favorite blogs, but haven't even had the energy to type any comments.

So until I feel better and have a spell of creativity this is all there is. And now I am exhausted and I'm going to nap. ZZZZZZZZZ