Friday, March 03, 2006

Azithromycin Pak (Super Anti-biotic)

Went to the doctor this afternoon and he was almost positive that I had pneumonia so he did some chest x-rays. NOPE! Not pneumonia......Bronchitis. He said that by all the squeaks he could hear in my lungs he was surprised not find any fluid there. He also said it was a good thing that I came in when I did or it would probably have progressed to pneumonia and he would rather treat bronchitis than pneumonia! This is my primary care physician and it is the first time he has taken a chest x-ray since my bypass surgery almost 4 years ago. He made an attempt to be a comic by saying, and I quote, "look at all that wire in there; it goes right through your sternum. There's more wire in there than in the fence in my backyard!" Very funny doctor (rolling eyes)!

So I took two of these pills this afternoon when I got home and I will only have to take one a day for the next four days and that should take care of it. Hooray!! He said this anti-biotic remains in your system for about 10 days so it keeps on working.

My ribs and muscles are so dang sore from all the coughing that I can hardly move in certain laying down and getting up hurts! And I am trying really hard to not cough......that's the worst. Even sneezes are a pain. I think that I will sleep half sitting up in the recliner tonight to perhaps stop the coughing as much as possible. Besides, I don't want to keep hubby awake since he has to work tomorrow.

So, I am feeling a little better and I should be fever free tomorrow morning.....woohoo! That will seem nice.....and I might even feel like taking a shower and getting dressed! Maybe I can even see Clew and Naive tomorrow when they return from their overnight scrapping party.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated! ;) Now I'm heading off to try and get some rest.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you visited the doctor! I hope you are well enough to enjoy a visit with Clew and Naive. Hugs!

Connie and Rob said...

Well you got the good medicine. My husband has been given that and it really works good.

So happy you got into the doctor. Just a day can make a big difference in treating something like what you have. Hope that stuff starts working fast and you feel better very soon. Take care.


Lori said...

You poor thing! At least you know what is wrong now and can treat it.

Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy clew's visit. Take care of yourself!!

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Keep resting and let your antibiotics do their work! Feel better soon. :-)

clew said...

Feeling better? I'm so sorry we couldn't get together this weekend while I was up there! :( Great to talk with you though, even though briefly!

Hope you're well soon! XOXOXO

Nunzia said...

awww hope you feel better!! M and I have been fighting off something similar for 2 weeks now. It's that time of year. The weather just doens't want to be consistent. Hope you are well!!! xoxo

Nicole said...

Hi Marti! How are you feeling? Better I hope. Thanks for stopping in on me, I'm always happy to see words from you! :)

Take care of yourself & get better soon -