Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer heat in March............

but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!  It's just unusual.  The weatherman says since they have been keeping records, the springs that averaged above normal temperatures had 2 degree cooler Summers.  That is okay too.  I don't like it so warm that you sweat even without moving.  And if it isn't as warm and the humidity is down, that's even better!  The warm weather is nice for a change.  We didn't have much of a winter ......... no major snowstorms and the temperatures were not as cold or at least didn't seem that way.  And all those that have to drive back and forth to work didn't mind it either!  Today we set another record temperature.....87ยบ with a breeze so it was extremely pleasant outside.  Of course I took advantage of it and spent time just sitting out on the deck with hubby when I should have been getting some housework done.  But later this week it is supposed to rain so it's a good thing I spent the time outside today.

Last Saturday was Amber's birthday...her golden birthday.  She turned 17!  I can't believe that she had been in our lives for 17 years though.  It seems like yesterday when she was a newborn baby and so cuddly and cute.  She's still cuddly but she has gone from cute to beautiful!  I wish she wouldn't be so quick to give her heart away.  She always seems to get it broken.  Maybe that's the way she learns........perhaps this way she will know the real thing when it stares her in the face!  I really miss her and hope she comes for a visit soon!

Now that it is 4:40AM I probably should get to bed so I can fall asleep before it is time to wake up.