Thursday, August 02, 2012


August 1st, 2012 - My late husbands birthday.  He would be 71 today.  He celebrated his 37th birthday in Heaven with Angels singing!  I celebrated it alone.........I think I am the only one left who remembers when his birthday is.  Oh, I could have called the kids and reminded them but they have their own life's and are busy, busy, busy!

I often wonder how my life would  have turned out if he had lived instead of dying at the young age of 34.  How would his children be affected if he had lived?  Don't get me wrong, I totally love my husband and I have spent more years with him than Dave and I had, and wondering isn't discrediting our marriage's been a good one!    Just wondering how different things would be now and how different things might have been while the kids were growing's really hard to imagine!  I suppose the kids would have had the benefit of being raised by two parents instead of one and I'm sure that would have made a difference.  I didn't remarry until the kids were pretty much grown up.  The youngest was 16, the next one was 17 1/2 and the oldest 19.  At that age the die is pretty well cast and I'm sure my husband didn't have that much of an effect on my kids.  They like him.  It wasn't always like that....for many years some of them resented him.  It's only in the last few years that they all have come to appreciate everything he has done for them in the past and even now.

So as I put an end to Dave's 71st Birthday I guess I will go on wondering when ever I think about his birthday......every year on Aug. 1st and other days that were special to us through out the year.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

The end of the month is almost here and nothing has changed much at all.  Tom is still laid off and it doesn't look good for him to be called back any time soon, if at all.  He will have to go job hunting beginning in June.  I don't envy him!  At his age it is hard enough to get up and go to work every day when you do have a job and it's even harder to get up in the morning knowing you have to go job hunting.  There aren't really any jobs out there for him.  At least not ones that will pay what he needs to make just to keep us afloat!  I'm glad I'm retired!  Although if I could still work I know the money that I would bring in would be a small amount it would still help some!

Memorial Day came and went.  We went to the cemetery earlier last week and did Dave's grave.  Rita has this year to do Mom and Dad's and Grandma and Grandpa's and Aunt Minnie and Uncle Walter's graves this year.  She has the even years and we have the odd ones.  She said she did it that way because we are odd and that's the way she would be able to remember!  She's so silly!

We also planted flowers in our yard.  Well, not exactly in our yard..........more like in pots and placed them around the house and deck, porch and patio where we can enjoy them when we sit outside.  Even some near the kitchen window over the sink so I have something to look at besides weeks when I'm doing dishes!  I do love the bright colors.  Seems to put me a better mood.

Monday, April 02, 2012

April weather

is a bit on the chilly side.  The temp today made it all the way up into the low 50's.  It is still 42º outside and feels a bit damp.  I hope tomorrow will be nicer with plenty of sunshine.  The schools here are on Spring Break and that means Amber has come for a visit.  She will also visit her Dad for a few days while she is here......and that is good.  She needs her daddy and he needs to spend time with her too.  He and his bride moved into a new place with her kids and his kids and their one together.  Amber has not seen it yet and he is anxious for her to see it.  I know she will like it.

Tom is still laid off and I'm not so sure anymore that he will ever be called back to work there.  He really wants to go back but it is looking more and more like he will have to find a new job.  And that will be one with less pay and less benefits........I'm not sure we will survive financially if that happens.  But there is no point in worrying about it.....what happens, happens.  There is nothing we can do about it.  If only the economy wasn't so screwed up we could at least sell our  home and rent if need be or purchase a smaller one.  I don't want to have to do that...I really like our house.  But I guess it all depends on if he gets called back anytime soon.

In anticipation of the nicer Spring weather, Tom and I did some spring cleaning last week so if the weather should become warmer and sunny we can be outside with the grandkids that will be coming and going during Spring Break.  We had Drew on Thursday night and most of the day Fri.  Also had Zaidyn Fri.  We picked Amber up Sunday and I know for sure that Trenten and Ty will be coming over on Thursday evening to spend the night and stay until we take them to their aunt mid-morning Fri.  Amber will most likely go to her dad's for part of this week but should return before Easter in order to eat with us and get home on time.  School resumes the day after Easter.  I'm not sure who else might be coming to stay during Spring Break and I guess it's just a good thing that we live in a big house!

Enjoy Spring Break!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer heat in March............

but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!  It's just unusual.  The weatherman says since they have been keeping records, the springs that averaged above normal temperatures had 2 degree cooler Summers.  That is okay too.  I don't like it so warm that you sweat even without moving.  And if it isn't as warm and the humidity is down, that's even better!  The warm weather is nice for a change.  We didn't have much of a winter ......... no major snowstorms and the temperatures were not as cold or at least didn't seem that way.  And all those that have to drive back and forth to work didn't mind it either!  Today we set another record temperature.....87º with a breeze so it was extremely pleasant outside.  Of course I took advantage of it and spent time just sitting out on the deck with hubby when I should have been getting some housework done.  But later this week it is supposed to rain so it's a good thing I spent the time outside today.

Last Saturday was Amber's birthday...her golden birthday.  She turned 17!  I can't believe that she had been in our lives for 17 years though.  It seems like yesterday when she was a newborn baby and so cuddly and cute.  She's still cuddly but she has gone from cute to beautiful!  I wish she wouldn't be so quick to give her heart away.  She always seems to get it broken.  Maybe that's the way she learns........perhaps this way she will know the real thing when it stares her in the face!  I really miss her and hope she comes for a visit soon!

Now that it is 4:40AM I probably should get to bed so I can fall asleep before it is time to wake up.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jan. 4, 2012

Seems strange to write the year as 2012, but that's what it is now.  We have finished another year and have a brand new book so to speak with brand new pages to write on and fill.  To me it feels like getting a brand new big box of crayons all shiny and bright!

Christmas was as wonderful as could be expected with our youngest son being separated from his wife and children.  Although, he and his children were here for our traditional Christmas Day buffet and gift exchange.  We did miss his wife, but I guess people change and so do situations and we don't have any control over that.  Also, our youngest daughter and her family didn't make it up from Kentucky for the celebration either.  They are in the process of building a new home and the added expense of a trip to Michigan just wasn't in their budget.  They have missed two Christmases in a row now.  And I'm sure that traveling with 4 children isn't as easy as traveling with 3.

The day after Christmas I was having some trouble being short of breath and some pain in my neck, so we headed to the hospital just to be safe.  I was admitted and stayed until evening of the 28th to get released and head home.  Was not how I planned my week between Christmas and New Year but once again, some things we have no control over.  I have a blockage but they are just going to treat it with medication for now.  Going in for a heart cath with the contrast dye they must use is too risky for my kidneys at this time.  Maybe in the future, but not now.  I will just have to live with it the best I can and resume my normal activities as tolerated and rest when I get tired.  Not my idea of the way I like to do things, but it is what it is and I will have to learn to cope with it!

Hoping you all have a wonderful year ahead of you filled with loved ones close and health abundant.