Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, the CT Scan has been read and I have seen the Vascular Surgeon and there is nothing they can do for me.  Either procedure, major surgery or aortic stenting would be the end of me.  He point blank told me that I would not make it off the table alive.  Kind of shocking news to hear when I had such high hopes that they would be able to fix everything!

After being told several months ago to quit exercising, including walking, I am now told to begin a walking program.  To start slowly and build up to 20-30 minutes per day, 7 days a week.  And I have an appointment with the Vascular Surgeon again in 3 months.  He is hoping by that time, the muscle tone in my legs will have improved enough to prescribe a medication that aids in circulation.  As was explained to me by another cardiologist, the whole purpose is to increase the blood flow to the muscles, even if that means that my body will make newer, smaller blood vessels to take over the ones that no longer work.  And that is what they expect will happen. 

I hope they're right!

Monday, June 21, 2010

CT Scan finished.............

now I am just waiting for Wednesday to hurry up and get here and I can go get the opinion of the Vascular Surgeon.  Went for bloodwork today.  It's beginning to feel as if Dr.'s offices, Labs, and hospitals are my home away from home.

I did ask the cardiologists if by sending me to see a Vascular Surgeon, it means they are thinking more along the lines of major surgery instead of stenting and they told me "yes" that is exactly what it means.  So I am sort of resigned to the fact that I will be having major surgery.  I just wish they would hurry up and tell me when and how extensive it will be!  I, like everyone else, do not like the unknown!  It's a little scary just imagining what they will do and how much it will hurt when I wake up.  Okay, I admit it, I'm a tad bit of a wuss!  Can't help it...............don't like pain and don't handle it well at all.  I try to be brave, but always seem to fail miserably at it. 

I guess it is what it is and I will find out Wednesday what will happen.  Que sera, sera!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Here's the deal!

Had a procedure done Friday.  Not the one I was supposed to have.  My cardiologist didn't like the looks of the pictures from the angiogram back in March and decided that before he could do anything, he needed better pictures.  If they were okay, he would go ahead and place the stent.  They showed something different than his partners picture taking, so the stent still wasn't placed.  I will have to do this at least on more time now.

If he had tried to put the stent in on Friday, it would have immediately shut both my kidneys down and that would have been it!  I am thankful that he had the foresight to take more pictures and do the angiogram first.  The next step will be for them to schedule a CT scan to get precise measurements and then have a stent special made to fit the area without shutting down the kidneys.  

Although the stent wasn't put in place, they still had to invade my body with a catheter and go through the groin to take the pictures for the angiogram.  It feels like I am sore for no good reason even though I realize it was a good reason.  Still, the soreness and pain is not at all pleasant!

That's all for now, until I have further news to share besides, I can't sit here any longer!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Preparing for yet another procedure!

Today I am preparing for yet one more procedure.  This one is to open up a blockage at the bottom of the aorta just above where it branches off to feed each leg and open the blockage to my right kidney.  Hoping this will do the trick and I will be good.  Although they are talking about blockages in the lower legs that will have to be done at a later date if they aren't able to do them this time.  And the problem being is that I am allergic to the contrast dye they must use and they can't leave it in my system for too long because of the blocked kidney reducing it's function.  Even after opening it up, it make take a few days for the kidney to begin it's normal functioning.

So today, I have begun taking the medicine to protect my kidneys from the contrast dye and the medication to prevent an anaphylactic allergic reaction to the dye.  Right now I am doing all the laundry, and cooking enough supper that we can have after my overnight stay in the hospital.  Just something to help Bumpa out, so all he will have to do is reheat it for us for Saturday's supper.  Sitting at the hospital with me tomorrow and waiting for the outcome and to see how I did and coming home to an empty house except for the dogs, then having to come back to pick me up and bring me home will be stressful enough for him without having to worry about housework, laundry and cooking! 

Tomorrow I may not have anything to eat or drink for 8 hours before the procedure.  That means if I want coffee and breakfast, I will have to get up at 5AM in order to eat, have my much needed coffee and take my medications.  The procedure is at 2PM, but last time an emergency came in and my procedure needed to be set back.  I'm okay with all that; just makes for a hungry woman and that is not a good thing for me (or those who have to be around me)!

If you get a chance and believe in God, please say a prayer or two for me.  Thanks!