Sunday, April 02, 2006

Major problems!

Well, I am at naive's house typing on her computer because mine expired sometime during the night Saturday. The tower will not come on at all. I am going to try and get it fixed this week....I should probably just purchase a new one but can't really afford it at this time. I guess I will see if it can be repaired and what that might cost before I make a final decision.

So, this will probably be my last post for quite some time.

I wish you all well and will miss you until I am able to return.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Martie! I will miss you and look forward to your return.

Nelly said...

Hope your computer feels better soon!

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Awww... I'll miss you!

Lucy Stern said...

Good luck with your computer, I hope you didn't kill it.

Tirithien said...

Good luck, and I'll keep a chair warm for ya.

Connie and Rob said...

Hope you get things worked out. I will miss you. Take care.