Sunday, April 09, 2006

Well, naive is home and has come and taken Bailey back to his own house! He was really happy to see her! We will miss him! He is a big lovable boy! I'm sure they are happy to see him too. It seems pretty quiet around here now though. The usual granddaughter has also gone home to her house. Her Mom came and picked her up and Hubby is out cutting firewood for next year and I am alone with Prancer, and she is napping. It's been well over a week since I have been alone with Prancer as my only companion and it does seem a little strange.

My oldest son was here yesterday and decided to take a look at my old computer. He took it apart and cleaned the dust out of it, re-assembled it and guess what? It started working when he turned it on! Hubby is flabbergasted that it is up and running and wondering why we spent money on a new one. He seems a little upset by this latest development and I can't say I blame him. No one likes to spend hard earned money if they don't have too. Although he says it's probably a good thing that we updated since ours was getting fairly old as computers go and my son said that he thinks the power pack is going in it and he also thinks it was good to update, I can certainly understand the Hubby being upset. I could have used that money a plane ticket to Denver to see my little sister in June.

Not much else happening here. The weather has finally decided to act like "Spring" again. It is warmer and sunny today and I hope it stays that way. This week is supposed to be mainly in the mid to upper 60's with some thunderstorms and rain showers....but I'm not complaining. After all, this is Michigan, it could always be snow!


Anonymous said...

I bet you do miss Bailey! I saw a guy walking his dog this afternoon and wished I were him so bad.

Spending money unexpectly like that isn't fun. But, if the power supply was going bad, you would have seen many frustrating days. A dying power supply causes intermittent problems. Sometimes something bad might happen and sometimes it may not. Either way, your PC would become very unpredictable and that would have been a headache for you. I hope that bit of truth makes you feel a little better.


Connie and Rob said...

Oh don't be sad you bought a new computer. It will certainly last a long time and more than likely you needed to update. The speed has to impress you.

Have fun,

Nunzia said...

I agree with the above comment... in a few years, you'll be glad you got a new one, even if the old one was fixable. hope you are well adn that that warm weather gets there soon! God's grace :)

Ame said...

I am so computer illiterate! There's this one thing I have to call the connection place every once in awhile (wow, i so sound like i know what i'm talking about!), and everytime I call they tell me that the next time "it" happens this is all I have to do! Like I'm going to remember it! I think I'll just remember where I wrote down their phone number!!!