Friday, April 21, 2006

Celebration Time!

We had a lovely anniversary. We ended up going to a local spot for dinner and followed that up with a visit to the high school's talent show. I just found out late today that my oldest grandson was in the show playing in a band so of course I had to go watch him. And you know what? They were pretty good! And I'm not just saying that because I'm his Grandma. They were the last act and they received the most applause. I had him and another band member autograph the program so when they make it big I can show it off and say "I knew them when...."!

While at the local eating establishment an older couple was sitting at the next table. By older I mean in their 80's. Another gentleman came and sat with them and from the sounds of their conversation they were old friends who hadn't seen each other in quite some time. I didn't mean to eavesdrop but couldn't really help it since their advanced age required them to all speak loudly so they could hear what each other was saying.

The gentleman who joined the couple asked how they had been. They replied "pretty well considering we'll both turn 82 in June." They continued to converse and one thing lead to another and soon were remembering their pasts. The lady asked if he remembered the old "41 Chevy coupe they used to have and when he said he did he also asked if they remembered his "40 Chevy coupe! They then spoke of a time when they both had been to a rural neighborhood party of some sort with their dates and on the way home had both parked at a spot they referred to as "Lover's Lane". They continued chatting about people they had known and what had happened to them; when they passed away and from what. They reminisced about their early years of marriage and the raising of their children and what those children were doing now.

One thing lead to another and soon the man reached across the table and took the woman's hand and I heard the couple tell the man that they would be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary in July of this year. What an accomplishment to have endured that many years together. I sat there envious, because Hubby and I will never see that many anniversaries, and yet I was forced to swallow the lump that had appeared in my throat for the happy times that Hubby and I have had and for the many years of happiness for the couple at the nearby table.


Connie and Rob said...

That is such a lovely story. It is heartwarming to hear the elderly speak of the past. My mom and dad have already pasted the 60 mark anniversary (Dad is 93 and mom is 84).

I guess what we have to remember is that it is quality during our years and not just hitting high digits.

Take care,

Rachel said...

Glad you had a good time. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys.

Ruben said...

See what you did? I read your post and kinda teared up. LOL

It's Just Me said...

58 years?! I notice that you say that they "endured" that many years together. That made me chuckle a bit.

I'm glad to hear that you had such a nice anniversary. Here's to many more happy ones to come.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure exactly how long my grandparents have been married but I do believe it is over 50. That is pretty neat but I know it wasn't easy. My grandmother tells me war stories all the time. LOL


Tracy said...

Be thankful you have a hubby to share your time with. There could have been a man or woman at the table next to you, and over heard the same conversation and thought my husband/wife died a year ago, I will never see a 58th wedding anniversary. Always be thankful for what we do have and treasure the years we have left with our loved ones. I think you have hit a minestone with your anniversary and only hope I will be with my husband for 16 years, and then 16 years after that, and so on! I am very blessed and lucky to have been together in marriage with him for 7 years!

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Quality, not quantity, sweetie. :-)

Ame said...

"I sat there envious, because Hubby and I will never see that many anniversaries,"

I understand . . . on some level. It's been really difficult hearing how long couples have been married and giving up the dreams of being married for a long, long time.

However . . . what a PRECIOUS story! It would have been wonderful to have had it recorded on dvd, wouldn't it :)