Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Computer

and I'm up and running! Well, okay, maybe walking while I learn the ins and outs of this new machine. It is so awesome. It's 4 times faster than my old one which had Windows 98 and this one has Windows XP. I still think we shouldn't have bought a new one just yet, but Hubby says he doesn't want me going crazy without one and it's probably a lot less expensive than paying for therapy! LOL....very funny man, my Hubby! But I am a happy little camper!

I still have Naive's dog here with me. My dog is getting pretty upset with me. I can't leave Bailey in my house if I go away so I have to take him in the car to Naive's house and leave him there. He has terrible separation anxiety and becomes destructive. My dog loves to go for rides in the car, so when she sees me leaving with Bailey she gets her nose bent out of shape not realizing that I take him to his house....all she sees is him leaving with me and me bringing him back. I'm pretty sure she has hurt feelings. So tonight I left Bailey here with the Hubby and took Prancer for a short ride. She wagged her tail the entire trip down the road and back and seemed considerably happier when she arrived back home. Dogs can be very funny and strange...of course so can their owners as you can see by my taking her for a ride to make her feel better!

I have so much to still do on this computer to add all the things that I have lost since I didn't have everything backed up. All of you out there take heed from my mistake and back up the things you don't want to lose! I'll be busy for a long time trying to get everything back and probably never will get it exactly.

Thank goodness I never erased my card from my digital camera so I can at least transfer those back into my albums. I'm so glad I didn't lose them.


Nelly said...

Aren't pets funny? They do get jealous and how nice of you to take yours for a drive to make her feel better! LOL!

Congrats on the new puter! Have fun with it!

Bainwen Gilrana said...

So good to see you back! :-)

Connie and Rob said...

Congratulations on your new computer! I just got a new one about two months ago. Isn't it fun? They are so fast.

That is so cute about your pup. I have two dogs and two hands for petting each one at the same time for heaven sake. They for sure get jealous just like little kiddies.

Take care,

Meow said...

Wow, new computer ... congratulations. Hope you get it up and running the way you want, and that you didn't lose too much when the other one crashed.
Take care, Meow