Friday, August 31, 2007

Face behind the blog!

This is the face behind this blog!

MaryAnne from A Place I Call Home tagged me for this meme quite some time ago and I am just now getting to it. Sorry MaryAnne. It's called Face behind the Blog. The idea is, I tell you a little something about myself and show you a picture of me...I then get added to a blog roll......I pick some bloggers to participate there it goes. Please check out Dreams of border collies for more information as to how to play along. Like I said, it's been quite a while so you may have to search her archives to find it. Sorry 'bout that!

Most of my regular visitors know what I look like and a lot of the things I do. This picture was taken back in June of 2006 near Denver when I went to visit my sister for my nephew's wedding reception. With me are my baby sister and a cousin.

My garden......I love my flowers.
And the last photo is of the entire group, or as many of them as we could get together at one time (only 2 are missing) on July 4, 2007 after the parade.

I'm not going to tag anyone for this since I was tagged back on August 15 and am just now getting around to doing it. But if you want to join in anyway, feel free and let me know so I can see the 'Face Behind the Blog'.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. It is funny that bloggers often post photos, but they are hardly ever of themselves.


clew said...

I know that face! And a lot of the other faces here :D ~ Good to see you again!

I'll be seeing you SOON in PERSON. Love you!

janet said...

You beat me to doing this. I promised MaryAnne I'd do this too. Great photo of you!

Well I still haven't done this as you know. Whats holding me up? A good photo. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Hugs

Renee said...

Hey - Thanks for sharing your face; you know, this is the first time I've actually seen a picture of you! I put my face on my blog all too often so I'm not playing. But I'm sure glad you did.

Nelly said...

HEY! I know that mug! I've seen it in person and I'll be seeing it again really soon! :)

Slick said...

Awww I-Mom, now I see where Naive gets her good looks!

Lori said...

:-) This is so nice. I think it's always fun to see the face behind the blog. I'm not too keen on getting my mug taken, but there's that little photo in the corner that should suffice!

What a great family!

HoBess said...

That is a beautiful picture ... I'm so glad you decided to take the tag. Hope all is well with you and yours ... Hobess