Monday, August 13, 2007

The sky reflects our mood!

I don't mean to complain is hub's first day on 2nd shift! He hates 2nd shift! Me too! But, we need to be thankful that at least he didn't get laid off. And with 2nd shift comes more pay.....night premium always bumps his pay up and he is due for a cost of living raise in September too. I guess that may be our silver lining....more money coming in! Still, when all is said and done, I'm not sure the little extra money he will bring home each week is worth it! Although he had no choice in the matter, he was pretty unhappy when he had to leave for work this afternoon just a couple hours earlier than he would be getting home if he were still on 1st shift.

We took Amber home on Saturday. I had originally thought that where she had moved to was just a little over 80 miles one way. We checked our trip mileage and it is exactly 103.1 miles from our house to her house, so round trip is 206.2 miles. I'm not sure I'll be driving that very often with the price of gas and Michigan winters now that hub is on 2nd shift. He wouldn't get home from work until about 1:30 AM if he is on overtime on Friday night so he would have to sleep in Saturday. If we left at noon on Saturday, we wouldn't get home until around 4 PM and we would have to take her back on Sunday so she could go to school on Monday. Not very practical to pick her up for one afternoon and have to return her right away.

Okay, gotta go now before this turns into a total rant and rave and vent session!


Anonymous said...


Its your blog and you rant, rave, or vent as much as you want. Anyway, sorry that hubby is on 2nd. Is there a possibility that he'll be switched back over to 1st when things pick back up? Sorry about Amber too. You hang in there - all of us bloggers are pulling for ya!

Big hugs

River Rat said...

Rave on, I understand. My Hubby will be leaving shortly because of the money. I guess it's one of those six in one hand half dozen in the other type things.

Renee said...

Well, at least you found the silver lining. That's something. That's a long drive, but it's about what Mark drives every day, so you can do it!

Lori said...

Second shift is a toughie. But maybe it won't last too terribly long.

My parents live about 80 miles away from us and there are times we go down for just a day. It does take a toll at times when you're tired or have a full day ahead. It will all work out, my friend.

....and you rant and rave all you like!


chesneygirl said...

Bummer about Amber. Pentwater is only 10 miles from my cottage and driving by your house on our way back home really wouldn't be outta the way.... too bad we're always coming from there on Sunday's, I'd offer to bring her to you on our way home. *sigh* Darn school!
It always ruined my more preferred plans when I was younger too!!