Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Things That Are Done!

Do you remember the picture of my Morning Glory. It was blooming and I was surprised it was still doing so well. Hubby fed it some plant food a couple weeks ago and this is what it looks like now!!!

They are just going crazy! I love looking out first thing in the morning and seeing them. And they stay open until close to noon, so by the time I get dressed and out on the deck to drink my coffee I can still enjoy them.

And speaking of my deck. I never put a picture of the finished product up. That's because it only got finished this past weekend. Hubby was working overtime and then he got placed on second shift and it was hard to adjust too. So he only had the weekends to work on it and last weekend he had to work so that left this weekend. So, without any further suspense, here is the finished deck:

The grass will be there next year, even if we have to plant more. Building and draught have taken their toll on the vegetation here. All except for my flowers that I so painstakingly dragged hoses in order to keep them watered.

So, the deck is finished and so is the summer. But I look forward to many fairly warm fall afternoons and crisp evenings sitting out here watching the birds. It's a nice ending to the busy day!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those flowers! Your deck is so nice. :) Hugs

River Rat said...

Wow those flowers are somethin' else! I'm sitting on my deck now having coffee!

Slick said...

Dang girl...green thumbs and some great carpenters.

It all looks good Martie!

Anonymous said...

That plant looks very healthy and happy.
I will have to use my imagination about your deck...For reason I cannot get it to load.

Take care,

chesneygirl said...

Well! Perhaps I can visit with you on that adorable little deck in say... 4 weeks?! ;)

Tracy said...

Looks really good Martie! Glad to see you are doing alright over there!