Friday, December 01, 2006


I've been tagged by ChesneyGirl! I am supposed to list "six weird things about myself" and then tag six people to do the same. Check the end of this post to see who got tagged!

1. If eating a small bag of colored candy, I must separate them and eat them in order so there is always the same amount of colors in each group!

2. After going to bed each night, I have to get up twice to make sure I locked all the doors even though I know I did.

3. I have to brush my teeth first thing in the morning, even before I can drink my coffee.....then after I have my breakfast I have to brush them again!

4. I can not stand to go barefoot outside....not even in the summer....I need something on my feet.

5. I have no trouble waking up if a child or baby is crying or calling for me, but can sleep through a blaring alarm clock.

6. I can not stand to have a candle with a white wick....I at least have to light it just to turn the wick black and then can blow it out!

So, I'm going to tag:





Mary Ann


Have fun ladies!


clew said...

#1. ... OMG! ME TOO! Hubby thinks I'm mental.

I'm still planning on using this one, as it's my favorite weirdity about myself ... will it count?

Rachel said...

I never knew that you were that weird. I mean, the lock thing I do, but the rest you are just plain weird. Love ya anyways.

martie said...

Rachel ~ I am weird, huh? But only slightly weird and I love you too, anyway! LOL

chesneygirl said...

Going barefoot is one of my FAVORITE things about summmer! You're weird! ;)

Thanks for playing along!

Rebecca said...

Martie, I'm exactly the same way about being barefoot. Hate it! I even sleep w/ socks on. :)

V said...

I'm barefoot YEAR ROUND.....

I think my feet have a sweaty glandular problem.....EEEK...kidding, but I hate things on my feet! :)

JD's Rose said...

I am with you on #1 and #3... as for the others... you're just weird!


Anonymous said...

Ok I did mine....did u see? Hope you had a fantastic weekend....mine is only just going to begin. Just getting off of nights this morning. Yeah!!!

Chat with u soon....


Ame said...

i love these - they are fun!

i hate dirty feet - unless they are already dirty - but i often head to the shower and wash my feet because i much rather be barefoot than to wear shoes ;)