Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Christmas Memory

Sitting alone in the family room last night and looking at the Christmas tree, my thoughts wandered back to when I was a little girl on Christmas Eve. As long as I can remember, my folks always told us that "if" we were good and "if" we listened closely enough we would hear Santa with his sleigh and reindeer land on our roof just before we fell asleep!

Talk about an incentive to get the kids to bed early on Christmas Eve, this one worked every time. My sisters and I would hurry through dinner and baths, pajama donning and teeth brushing so we could get in bed and listen for the sound of the reindeer and Santa on our roof! And you know what? We actually heard them. Every single year! They sounded like horses sound when they walk on the pavement, followed by a large "THUMP" which we were convinced was the sleigh as it touched down on the roof. And we even heard the soft jingle of sleighbells....we were lucky; and "good" children!

As I grew, I realized that all the noise was my dad enhancing the fun of the belief in the fantasy of Santa Claus. And as a parent with small children, my husband and I carried on the tradition. And my children also were "believers" in the legend of the landing of Santa on our rooftop every Christmas Eve. I'm not sure any of the kids remember these episodes but I do and I think that I had much more fun with the tradition than they did at the time. I can close my eyes and still see the expressions on their little faces as they heard the first "hoof" hit the rooftop!

Somethings are just better when you're grown!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory....thank you for sharing...I use to love it as well looking out the window..wondering if I would see Santa with his reindeer going across the sky. It was a magical thought...I still hold that magic in my heart at I see you do to!

Have a wonderful day my friend!


Renee said...

How cool is that! We never did anything like that, but what a sweet thing for your dad to do.
I have one non-believer, one-starting-to-doubt, and one full-time believer at my house so it's tricky!

chesneygirl said...

Aw, what a cute story!

I swore I heard sleigh bells on our roof one year. Hey! I wonder if it was my dad playing along too!

Rachel said...

I don't ever remember doing that, but I don't ever recall being at your house on Christmas eve. Mom just made us go to be early.

JD's Rose said...

That is fantastic! I'm going to have to convince Mr JDR to get on the roof now... he'll love you!

martie said...

Smalltown RN ~ Yes, I still have Christmas magic in my heart!

Renee ~ You just have to threaten the non-believer within an inch of her life that if she so much as breaths a word about non-beliving to the other too there will be extreme consequences to pay!!! That's what I had to do to Naive years ago! I scared her so bad, that I don't think she has ever told anyone that she doesn't believe.....LOL!

Chesney Girl ~ I just bet he did!!!

Rachel ~ it wasn't your Dad honey, it was the older kids dad, Dave, before he passed away. We were never lucky enough to be able to keep you over night on Christmas Eve and have you wake Chirstmas morning with us! :(

jd's rose~ Great, now Mr. JDR will never like me again....LOL. Make sure he's careful if you do convince him to go to the rooftop!

Ame said...

ohhhhhhh, i LOVE this!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fond memory! Thanks for sharing.

V said...

You are such an amazing woman....I'm glad I can call you friend. You are SO special to me!!!

Can you email me your address, I want to be able to send you a Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

Hey Martie....

Thanks so much for you kind words you left on my blog. It was so wonderful to wake up to such a lovely message. Thank made my day!!!

Hope your weekend is full of fun and happiness.

Cheers my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hello you have been tagged....check out my blog and find out what to do....hope you had a grand day!!!