Thursday, December 14, 2006

I really shouldn't be on the computer right now. I have so much to do still before I go to bed and it is already 11:09PM.

I'm running behind because we went to Amber's Christmas program from school tonight. Amber is in the 5th grade and attends what they call a 'middle' school in the district she lives in. I cannot believe how grown up most of the girls in her grade look. Certainly not 11 - 12 years as she does. She is one of the shortest and smallest kids in the entire 5 grade. Not the shortest, but only about 6th from the shortest! Some of these girls look as if they are in 9th grade! At first I thought that maybe I was just getting older but when Amber's mom leaned over and asked "don't these girls look a little old for 5th grade?', that I realized it wasn't just me. Some of them had bigger chests than I had when I graduated from high school! I'm not kidding! Anyway, Amber did fine; all of the 5th graders sang holiday songs and it was a nice evening out. Now I have to play catch up.

I already have the dishes finished. We had to leave right after eating so all I had time for was to clear the table and carry the dishes to the sink to await my return. Hubby is on overtime still, so he got to bed later than usual and he will be tired all day tomorrow as a result. I have put coffee on the timer for morning (thank goodness for programmable coffee makers) and did the general night time pick up. I still have presents waiting to be wrapped, but they will to wait for another time, perhaps tomorrow!


MelnHead said...

Kids are getting older by the minute- it's so insane. Glad the program was great though!!

nelly said...

My son didn't have a Christmas concert this year. :( He did last year in kindergarten. I think there are just so many kids in his school that they alternate years for each grade.

Kids are growing up way too fast! It is really scary what they are wearing and how they act and talk. I'm scared for my kids.

What is with you and my sister's blog? I can't use my blogger name and psswrd. Weird

Anonymous said...

Children do seem to grow up faster nowdays. But, I can remember when I was in the 6th how I had to put up with joking from the boys. I developed fast and actually was bigger than I am now. I think that everything is shrinking on me as I age. LOL So, in my little humble opinion, I think it is better if you develop gradually.

School plays are fun! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, because I have a 5th grader who looks like she could easily be in high school!

Ame said...

when my third grader had a program a few weeks ago, one of the girls was dressed in such a way i didn't recognize her as the "little girl" who lives on our street. i am shocked her mother dressed her in such a way. we're only young once ... may it last as long as possible.