Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking ahead...... this Holiday season. I can't wait to get my tree and other decorations up. I have just started and do have a few out, but with hubby's surgery and my ankle/leg thing still going on, it's been hard. Hubby has returned to work today taking my car (his truck still is not repaired correctly) leaving me stranded at the homefront. I don't mind though, the weather has become quite wintry.....freezing rain, sleet, mixture of rain and snow before turning into all snow.....blowing snow at that. Well, let me correct that. The wind is blowing, but the snow is not the powdery kind so it is not blowing. We probably have about 3 inches on the ground with a 1 1/2-2 inch base of ice under it. Makes me glad that I am inside where I am! When the roads become slippery I would much prefer to be on the inside looking out as I am a today!

Well, if any of these decorations are going to get up, I had better get a move on.
Maybe I'll even take some pictures and post them when I'm done with it all!

Later and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Yes, please do stay warm. It was in the 60's this morning here! But, our warm weather will soon end this weekend. I have enjoyed it though. If we had as much snow as you mentioned, the city would be shutdown. LOL We would be a ghost town out on the roads. I'm not fond of snow and I cringe at the thought of ice! Yikes! I'll have to blog about the ice storm we had in 1996. Whew! That was bad.

I want to put up a tree this year too. Do take pictures if you want I would love to see them.

martie said...

Editor ~ I will take pics when I am all done! Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to hear from you!

Dorothy said...

Martie, it is FREEZING in Virginia. Two days ago, it was in the seventies...brrrr! I'd love to see some snow...I love it, but we never get any...damn global warming. Sorry I haven't been over lately...been busy promoting my promoting ebook...that sounded But, I'll do better!

Ame said...

gosh ... weather like that "freezes" life in the south! everything closes!