Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy/Sad weekend!

Well, the weekend is over and it was lovely! The sun shone and the temperatures were summer like without the high humidity, and.....hubby and I spent almost the whole weekend together! Saturday was our 17th Wedding Anniversary....yep I'm now a Saint! Okay, just joking. Living with him isn't at all bad. Oh he has his moments....but I probably have more of them; being female and all, just ask slick!!!!

We hopped in the car and headed out for a ride with no particular destination in mind other than eventually finding a nice restaurant for a steak dinner and some hand holding! We stopped whenever and where ever we wanted. One of those stops was at a WalMart store to check out the grills on sale. While there we found some stools for the snack counter in our kitchen and purchased them.

We then decided to take a couple two-track roads through the Allegan forest. Remember those, Rachel? The ones where you had to bury your head so you wouldn't see the drop offs close to the road and you cried! Yep, some of those same ones. It's been a long time since we've been 4-wheeling like that and I found, much to my surprise, that I had indeed missed it!

We found an "Outback" and decided since we were now famished to eat there. We had a great meal of steak and baked potato and crisp tossed salad. And for the appetizer we had what they call a "bloomin' onion" and managed to get in plenty of 'hand holding' between courses. They also serve fresh baked bread and honey butter before the appetizer shows up.

After arriving back home, I noticed that my voice mail message light was blinking so I played the message. It was from my baby sister in Colorado telling me that our older sisters oldest daughter who had been scheduled for surgery that day to repair a hernia and check on her gall bladder had the surgery but there was no hernia and her gall bladder was fine. They found a tumor and removed it and think it is benign but won't know for sure for a couple days ! Then while in route to pick up her daughters girls to keep for the weekend, she received a call on her cell telling her that her youngest daughter has just been taken into emergency surgery at a different hospital for what the thought was a hot gall was, and both girls are now home and recovering...such a mess for older sis! I'm going to call and see if she or they need any help. Please keep all of them in your prayers for speedy recoveries!


Rachel said...

I still don't like those kind of rides. I am alright as long as there is no feelings of like we are going to flip over. I still close my eyes tightyly when I get scared in the truck. I do miss going on the rides with ya'll. Love ya.

River Rat said...

Congrats on the anniversary! (Now you have me wanting Outback.) Hope the 'Girls' have a speedy recovery!

Slick said...

Yes, living with females is dangerous. 17 years and your man is a tough one!

Congrats I-Mom!!

Hoping those girls recover quickly...

Renee said...

Happy Anniversary, Martie!

Renee said...

Happy Anniversary, Martie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Martie! Sounds like you had a great day except for the news about the girls. I'll keep the two ladies in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Anniversary part of the day turned out really well.
I just want to say all the best to you and your husband...Congratulations.

Your poor sister just had an awful day. I am so glad the girls are back home. They are in my prayers.


chesneygirl said...

Happy Anniversary!

What an relaxing, enjoyable day you had on Saturday!!

How freaky is that, that two sisters BOTH had medical issues/emergencies on the SAME day almost at the SAME time. Wow!
Glad to hear they are both going to be okay! :)

Anonymous said...


You two are so darn cute!


Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

And I will definitely keep your family in my thoughts......