Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter has moved to winter!

This is what I woke up to this morning! Didn't spring arrive on March 20th? That's what I thought! So did someone forget to tell Mother Nature or is she just late in playing her April Fool's Joke on us? I'm worried that my daffodils that have bloomed and were so pretty the day I returned from Kentucky will now be dead. I'm not sure how the forsythia bush will fare. I'm not liking this weather after the 80ยบ weather we had in Kentucky. This is just too cold for Spring! We are actually under a snow and blowing snow advisory until midnight tonight! The county I live in has asked the news media to request that people stay home if they don't have to go anywhere as the roads are icy and it could take up to 5 hours for the state police to respond to an accident. I guess today is not the day I will take the disposable camera in to have a picture CD made. Nor is it a day to go grocery shopping for the Easter meal! I'm running out of time. And I have to get Easter basket goodies as Amber will be with us and probably so will Hunter and Harley. The rest of the kids and grand kids (except for Rachel and family and Brian and family) will all be here at some point on Easter and the little kids will all be expecting something wonderful at Mema and Bumpa's house.
Maybe the snow will all melt by tomorrow.....yeah right! I can always hope. Why didn't I stay in Kentucky longer?


chesneygirl said...

pretty much the same scenario down here!

I just posted a whiney post about the weather too!!

I say you get back in the car and go back to Kentucky, except this time stop and pick me up!! :)

Slick said...

Break out the sleds again?? Geeez, that's crazy.

Ya'll might have a "White Easter" :)

Thanks for all your kind words, "Mom"!

clew said...

I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger was being a poophole.

You, me and Ches all griped about the weather Thursday. Great minds! I love spring - but when it pulls stunts like this, I hate it.

Miss you! Incrediboy says HI MEMA!

Rachel said...

You're more than welcome to head back here, but bring Bumpa for the weekend too. I'm sure Granny won't mind a couple more people for dinner. Although it isn't much warmer here, we don't have the snow though. Flurries could be expected some places in KY today according to the forecast. Love ya.

Kat said...

Sheesh, I guess everyone is complaining about the "Spring weather" it's snowing here right now!! It's supposed to drop down into the 20's tonight...NICE!

Rebecca said...

Have a LOVELY Easter Martie!!!!!!!!

You can adopt my kids anyday! :)

Nelly said...

Did someone say the weather SUCKS?!

Renee said...

Tell me about it! It's going to be in the 30s here tonight. That's friggin' cold for down here! Brrr.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you can be down here with me. It is cold in the morning just recently but it warms up to 60 in the afternoon. And, it is sunny. So, no worries about roads or snow. Snow in April- what is this world coming to. LOL

Happy Easter. I hope things clear up.


Ame said...

we're supposed to have snow tonight! oldest called from her dad's and said it had snowed there! ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better it is crappy weather here too.