Sunday, October 16, 2005


We were invited again this year to my Aunt and Uncle's orchard for what they call "Big Apple Day". It is a tradition they began 20 years ago for their grown children and young grandchildren. The invitation reads "Come, Pick, Squeeze, Eat & Take Home"! So we did!

We took one of our granddaughters with us again (the same one that usually accompanies us wherever we go). We had a blast. Picking apples off the trees, helping to cut them up, putting them in the press and turning the crank to squeeze them into cider is quite an experience. This year the granddaughter worked hard turning the crank.....she was probably at that post for at least 3 hours without quitting. She could have quit whenever she wanted but instead chose to stay and keep at it. I was impressed with her "sticktoitiveness"! So were the rest of my relatives. This little girl is 10 years old, weighs about 52 lbs and is pretty petite for her age. But she sure is strong. She even got to take extra cider with her so she could take it to school and share the fruit of her labor with classmates. Let me tell you....she is one proud little girl!

I think this is a great tradition and am happy that they include me and my family. It's the one time of the year that I can visit with so many cousins at once.

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Anonymous said...

That just made me feel like a little girl again. Thanks