Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Lots of sunshine and temps in the upper 50's.

I got up early so I could get some cleaning done and took my wonderful dog for a 1/2 hour walk. We walked down to the park near our house. It was deserted. We were the only ones there and I wanted to let her off her leash so she could romp and play but I didn't dare. She might have picked up the scent of another animal and taken off......and then her ears seem dysfunctional! It isn't like she is tied up constantly. Our yard is big enough for her to run in and most of the time when she goes outside one of us is with her so there is no need to tie her up.

That is, until today. We have 3 acres behind our home that has been for sale and listed as a commercial property. However, it is a very wet area, swampy in spots, and I think it would take a lot to fill it to be able to build anything there. At least I'm hoping so. It really makes a nice buffer between us and another street. It makes me feel like I am more in the "country". Not that I live in a big city. On the contrary, our town is pretty small but we are only 30 minutes from a large metropolis area.

Today I heard this noise outside that sounded like a semi was stuck so I glanced out the back window and saw a tractor with a brush hog on the back mowing down the 3 acres. My first thought was "oh no! They finally sold that land......D___! My husband won't be happy with that idea." I waited until he was out of work and called his cell. I was right, he wasn't happy, but we couldn't be sure that the property had been sold at this point.

When he got home, he came in the house, pet the dog, gave me a kiss and said that he was going to go talk to the man on the tractor. Well, it turns out that the property isn't sold. The real estate company that has it listed hired someone to mow it down to make it more attractive to perspective buyers. Tractor man told Hubby that the realty people hadn't had any bites on this listing in over 5 months. I'm thinking that's a good thing! Hubby was happier about someone just mowing it than someone purchasing it, too! But now we have all this open area in plain view for the dog. And she is chomping at the bit to go and sniff everything out there and do a through investigation. So much for keeping her under control and within the confines of our yard.

Mowing it down has destroyed some of the natural habitat for the rabbits which is a sad thing. The dog likes chasing them too. But there also might be a good side. Maybe it destroyed the nasty "box elder" bug (or box elderly bugs, as my granddaughter calls them) habitat! I can only hope!


naive-no-more said...

When he got home, he came in the house, pet the dog, gave me a kiss and said that he was going to go talk to the man on the tractor.

pet the dog and gave me a kiss. In that order? Now we really know how the dog rates. And you too! :)

martie said...

Yup....that's the order! At least I came before Tractor Man. LOL! The dog always beats me to the door...you see, she has 4 legs and I only have 2.