Thursday, October 06, 2005


Funny how the events of ones life take place. I was thinking of my father. Today is his birthday. He's been dead for 42 years now. He would have turned 91 today. October was packed full of events for him. The three most important life events....Birth, Death, Marriage....All happened in October for my Dad. He and my Mom were married on the 12th of October. He was discharged from the army on Oct. 19th which is also the day he was killed (many years later) by a drunk driver. It seems odd to me that all these events happened in the same month, albeit years apart.

There are some important life events in October for me, also. My first husband and I married on the 20th of October 1967. Our first born, a daughter, was born a year later on the 18th, just 2 days shy of our first wedding anniversary. Two life altering events within a year. And alter our lives she did! All babies do that....but 'ours was special'! She seemed wise beyond her years from the very start. She would stare at me with her eyes as if she already knew what I was thinking and was trying to convey what she was thinking. This baby girl has now grown into a beautiful young woman with children of her own. The last having been born in October also. Now fast forward 37 years! On the 26th, we will be celebrating the first birthday of our first borns youngest child. A beautiful little boy with curly blond hair and a truly contagious smile and his mother's eyes. I feel as if I'm melting when he looks at me with those eyes so like his mothers. A flood of memories takes me back to his mothers first year of life. And the similarities between him and his mother are astounding. And yet, he is his own person......not like anyone else in this world.....aaahhh, the uniqueness that makes us all indivduals!

When I married again, I acquired two more children. One who was born in October! Another October event. And two years ago one of my sons had a daughter born on the 19th. Now the day my Dad died has taken on a new meaning. Still with sadness I see this day, but also with some new memories to make around a little girl's birthday.


clew said...

My best friend was also born in October. She's beautiful and brilliant and way too modest to allow me to say either about her. :)

Sounds like October's a pinnacle month for you, Martie! I bet that grandson is ornery (but cute)!

Lori said...

My birthday is October 17th....and I have friends and/or family with birthdays on the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 25th and 30th! My daughter was also baptized on Oct. 1st and I have to admit, I love Halloween!

There's just something about October....

naive-no-more said...

Ah, Martie.....feeling a bit nostalgic yourself eh? It seems that no matter the month on the calendar, there are happy events outweighed by sad events, and joyous occasions clouded with somber ones. One without the other would be a life not experienced.

Celebrate October and the excitement in it for soon there will be new memories to cherish.

PS: My birthday is Oct 18 ;)

Connie and Rob said...

When we experience sadness...goodness is always right around the corner. We have to look really hard sometimes but it is there!

Your father is enjoying all these happy events with you in spirit.