Friday, October 21, 2005


The first frost has finally arrived here. Not a killing, hard frost, but none the less a frost! Gosh how I love that cold, crisp, fresh air when I take the dog out in the morning. Mind you, I don't wish to stay out in it for long but the way that it hits you in the face sure is an eye opener!

The leaves are turning a beautiful array of colors. Yellows, bright reds, magentas, golds and oranges mixed in with the still green leaves on some trees is truly a lovely sight. I didn't used to like the fall since it signaled the coming of winter and that means SNOW! Well, it's not the actual snow that I dislike, it's the slippery roads. But I'm getting ahead of myself with this talk of winter.

How I love to go on our annual "color tour" in the fall. This year, with the price of gas, I'm not sure that we will go. Of course, fitting it in this year has become a monumental task also. This is our first fall in this house and there sure is a lot to do.
For the last 10 years we lived in a mobile (excuse me....politically correct : manufactured home) in a manufactured home community. We had a small rented lot with absolutely no trees. Our new home has four huge trees, plus many adjacent trees on other nearby properties. Needless to say there will be a lot of leaves to be raked after they have finished their cycle and gently float down to my yard. I'm sure the grandchildren will love jumping in the huge piles that will be produced upon raking. Oh my back! I can feel the stiffness and soreness already. But watching the joy on their faces will be quite worth the effort involved. It will trigger memories of my childhood. Of course then I didn't worry about sore muscles; didn't even know what sore muscles were. Ahh the bliss and innocence of childhood.........but I'd rather be who I am at the age I am than to go back and have to learn everything all over, sore muscles and all!


Anonymous said...

The colors do represent the entrance to winter, however, there is no bad weather, just many forms of good weather. Put some gas in that car and go!

martie said...

Thank you, anonymous, for that comment. I think you just talked me into it! ;)