Monday, November 26, 2007

What is wrong with Texans?

As most of you know, I visited the beautiful state of Texas in early October. I stayed with one of the dearest and nicest Christian gals living near Dallas. She is a single mom raising two beautiful little girls, one with special needs. I found her charming, kind and very loving despite some problems she had while growing up herself.

I had met her online almost a year before I went to visit her. With sending e-mails back and forth, reading each others blogs and talking on the phone we formed a bond. I was excited for the opportunity to fly down and spend some time with this beautiful single mom who was struggling and trying her best to cope with all the normal stuff of being a single mom, plus the extra that comes with 'momma-ing' a special needs child. While there I informally adopted her as a daughter and her girls as my grand daughters. And they fit into our large family very well. Everyone is happy.

But recently my 'daughter' in Texas has been ill. With a very bad sinus infection. Now anyone who has even ever had a very bad head cold has some idea of what a serious sinus infection is like. She has been so sick and she has been all alone. She has no family there. Not even any close by she could call on. She even had to drive herself, with a fever of over 102ยบ for several days, to a clinic for medical treatment. Her girls were gone for the entire week with their father. So yes, that was some easier not having to deal with active children when one is sick, but being as sick as she was, she was unable to find one person who would come and help her. Not even ONE who would make a trip to the grocery store to bring in some soup, pain reliever, juice, etc. that a sick person might need.

To my thinking, we as Christians need to reach out to people who need help. She attends a church and I would have thought that some of them might have stepped up to the plate and accepted a chance to show others about the love of Jesus.

Is everyone so wrapped up in their own lives and families, that they can't spare an hour to help a sick single mom? Or a quick phone call to check and see how she was doing? Or is the entire church family also sick with a sinus infection and therefore unable, instead of unwilling, to give of themselves. Where would we, as Christians, be if Jesus was too busy to give of Himself. He gave the ultimate.........His life to pay for our sins! And a Christian group in Texas couldn't find it in their hearts to help.

I'm from the state of Michigan..........and where I live family is important too. And yes, we get busy and wrapped up in our own things too........but when someone we know needs a little help because of illness, our community, not just the church, pitch in and offer what help we can. It may take several different people to fulfill all the needs of the ill person, but many hands make light work. Are the people of Texas that much different? I find this situation appalling. Maybe 'everything in Texas is bigger'.......except people's hearts!


clew said...

You know she's just trying to get you to come back down. ;)

Just kidding, Ame!

Anonymous said...

I love you :)

Man, was I sick. Taking Youngest to the dentist today ... has a toothache ... pulling her out of school ... she's panicked at what he might need to do!


janeywan said...

I feel for her. My mother and father belonged to a church for years and do you know how many have come to visit in their time of need?

The minister has visited twice, don't recall any others visiting.

Organized religion is not all that it's cracked up to be.

Rachel said...

I know how she feels. It is hard being sick (have been for about 5 weeks) and being a single mother. Well, kind of anyways. Hope your feeling better Ame. I also think family is a big thing and wish that we were closer to ours. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

That is really sad. But I don't think it has anything to do with Texas. I'm not a single mom but I do live alone. And when I'm sick, I'm on my own. Churches aren't that friendly either. I think unfortunately this is just a different world we live in. When my grandparents were young, they knew their neighbors. Now, I'm afraid to know mine. Seriously- my neighbors scare me. People don't seem to care like they once did.

I hope she is better soon. I will keep her in my prayers.


chesneygirl said...

That is so sad. Poor thing. :(

Anonymous said...

That is sad. She needs to move home. At least that way when she is sick she can have you to dote on her. I don't understand why she hasn't, if she has no one there. I'd move.


Ame said...

jd's rose ... I would move next door to Martie if I could. I'm locked into the school district we live in per my divorce decree. That's not a bad thing ... my youngest has special needs which are exceptionally met in this particular school district. still, i wish we could be next door ;(