Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday!

So, how many of you actually ventured out to the stores yesterday? I have NEVER gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving and I don't have any plans to change that. You see, I'm not normal. I don't even really like shopping, so going on a day when there are even more people in the store than usual would make me crazier than I already am!

I like to take the weekend after Thanksgiving to slowly and methodically set out my Christmas decorations. Amber is here this weekend and I think that is what we will be doing starting today. Yesterday she wanted to bake. We made Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

We would have had over 4 dozen, but when I put one of the cookie sheets on the counter to cool I must have not set it down right and the entire cookie sheet fell onto the floor spilling it's contents across the kitchen floor. I was surprised and angry for a split second and when I looked at Amber, her eyes were so big, that I just started laughing! She glanced at me, as if I had finally lost it, and then her eyes lit up and a big smile came to her face and we stood there laughing! I didn't think about taking a picture of it until it was all cleaned up, and Amber then asked me 'aren't you mad?' I told her 'no' those things happen and I thought it was funny.........she said 'me too, but I didn't want to laugh if you were going to be mad!' Actually it was a good thing......I won't be eating near as many cookies and we have a new 'memory'!


ame said...


you can check on me anytime you want.

i'm eating the food brought to me.

i need to get out today, though, and grocery shop for the girls coming home tomorrow. and i need to disinfect the bathrooms.

Rachel said...

I have only went a few times, but we did go last night and it wasn't so busy. Mom and the girls went yesterday morning and got all but one thing on their list and we out of Walmart in 30 minutes. They got lucky.

Anonymous said...

I have not ever gone shopping on Black Friday either. As you feel, I don't ever care to either. Boy cookies sound really good.


clew said...

Man those cookies look good. Too bad some of them hit the floor - but that is a good memory you'll enjoy in the years to come! did your puppy help you clean up? Mine would have appeared right under them before they hit the floor - LOL

I made a dr. appointment on black friday, not thinking about holiday traffic for some odd reason (more about not having to take time off work). Luckily everyone must have been in the stores because traffic wasnt too bad. Whew!

janeywan said...

Cookies! Ummmm.. I love cookies, especially peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies. In fact I'll eat anything with either of those things in it. Glad you got to spend some time with Amber making them. What a sweetie she is, waiting for grandma to laugh first, after the spill. I use the 3 second rule on things that hit the floor.

Glad your on the mend and thanks again for the e-card.

Anonymous said...

Paula Deen says a balanced diet is a cookie in both hands. :)

Rachel said...

I agree with Paula Deen. I love that lady.

martie said...

Clew - the puppy did NOT help clean up the mess. You remember, she is afraid to walk on linoleum!!! Crazy dog!

Shawny Sun - And that Paul Deen knows her stuff! ;)

janeywan - usually the 3 second rule is applied here too, but if you could have seen my kitchen floor, you would have discarded that rule along with the cookies! ;)

ame - when I check on you, I'll try to make sure you are awake before I call...... ;)

Tracy said...

Hey you, thank you so much for always checking in on me!!! You are so awsome! I have been busy, and so sorry for not checking in. I just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! I may not get back on the computer to blog before the holidays so I wanted to be sure I sent well wishes your way!

Enjoy your family, and I hope that the New year brings much happiness to you and yours!!!

:) Hugs!!!!