Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stupid cold and stupid stress test!

Okay, here's the skinny.....I have a terrible head cold. At least it's still just a head cold although I am starting to cough, which is a bad thing at the moment. I'm scheduled for my yearly stress test tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. Which means no caffeine for 24 hours prior to the test...can we say "CRANKY"!! So, here I sit feeling rotten, all cold and can't get warm, with the snow still falling outside.....where the heck is SPRING! And on top of that, I am without my car once again. Hubby's truck has decided to leak antifreeze and is torn apart in the garage in the process of being repaired! So, without my car, even if I felt well enough to go anyplace, I wouldn't be able to. Oh yeah, back to the coughing part.....if I am coughing, they can't do the stress test. The reason being that I will have to lie still for 30 minutes while they take pictures with some kind of scanner after the test and if one coughs, it makes the heart move and they can't get good pictures! I don't really want to do this stress test anyway, but as long as it's scheduled, I would just as soon get it done with. The thing is that I have only passed two of these stress tests in the last 14 years. When I fail them (and I'm not sure if any studying will help) the cardiologist seems to think that he needs to do another heart catheterization to see if everything is working correctly or if the test was just a fluke!

So, I guess I should just stop complaining isn't doing any good's still cold and snowy outside, I still feel like crap and I still have to go without my coffee! Oh Calgon, take me away!!!!!


Rachel said...

That's right it doesn't do any good to complain. It has to be done or should be, mom hasn't been since her open heart. She still takes meds but nothing else. Kind of worries me. Hope you get to feeling better by tomorrow. I'm sure no caffeine isn't going to help things. Love ya.

Slick said...

Complaining has always made my mental state feel better anyway...complain away.

Hubby's been going through heck with that truck hasn't he?

Get to feeling better I-Mom!

Heather said...

Praying you through. Colds are no fun and all the other stufff doesn't make it any easier. Good thing He knows what He is doing. :)

River Rat said...

Pack your bags and come on down here! It's in the low seventies today!

Anonymous said...

(((((Martie)))) nice warm, southern hugs! Sometimes you just need to vent. I don't drink coffee but a day without chocolate would make me testy. Sending you some positive vibes~~~~~~~ I hope your cough goes away and you pass your stress test.

Anonymous said...

Out of all of that the 'no coffee' is the cruelest. I'll meet you at the local park and sneak you a sip of mine :)

Think of the good things!


V said...

HUG HUGES SWEETIE!!! Tell us how it all went!

Janet C. said...

Today is three weeks that I've been sick. I did however wake up feeling somewhat healthy today. You got it shortly after me didn't you?
Feel Better.

martie said...

rach ~ I'll do fine, I know, but your Mom needs to follow up on hers! I'll let you know!

slick ~ sometimes venting just feels right! Yeah, hubby's had a bad time with his truck. He drives a 94 (looks newer) and I drive a 91 (not in bad shape either)...I hate vehicle payments!!!

jd's rose ~ what time did you say to meet....I think I missed you! LOL

V ~ Thanks for the hugs and I'll let you know soon!

Heather ~ thanks for the kind words. And YES it is a good thing HE knows what He's doing!!!

river rat ~ please send map, by bags are packed.... ;)

editor ~ thanks for the warm southern hugs....I think I'm feeling better already!! Hugs

Slick said...

checkin' in on ya...hope you're feeling somewhat better.

Good luck on that test, if you get to take it.

Tracy said...

You better be taking care of yourself over there! Spring I think is here this weekend! I know you have seen the weather reports! Yipeeeeeeeeeee :)