Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Birthday ~ March 17th, 2007

The Chocolate Mint Cake with whipped frosting....and yes it's green for St. Patrick's Day!
Amber and her Daddy!

And what's a birthday without birthday balloons!

And opening up some presents!

We had pizza and crazy bread with sauce, soda, the birthday cake and cookie dough ice cream. Her daddy bought her a Boost Mobile cell phone. We got her 3 summer outfits and she got nail polish, craft items, and money from Aunt Tammy and Uncle Scot and their kids, Telyse and Kameron, a summer outfit from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Heidi and their boys, Trenten and Ty, and another summer outfit from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Glenn, Steve, Emily and Drew, and another summer outfit from Uncle Brian, Aunt Vanessa and David, Elijah and Rebecca, and money from Uncle Joe, Aunt Roxanne and Deb and Denise. Her mom and step-dad got her some of those new fangled shoes with wheels in the heels, called Heelies!

Some of the guests:
She says this was her 'best birthday' so far. Of course it's only her 12th one....anyway, we hope you have many more Amber, and our wish is for all of them to be happy!


Tracy said...

I love the pictures! It is fun getting a glimpse of someone else's life! Those little ones are so darn cute!! That cake sure looked good too!
Looks like you had a great weekend!

Nelly said...

Awesome pix Martie! Love them and love that cake! Looks so YUMMY!

Slick said...

Some little darlins' there Martie.

Sounds like Amber racked up on some clothes

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for sharing the pictures! Looked like so much fun! Cake looked delicious.


clew said...

Mmmm... mint. Wish we could have had a piece of that cake!

It was great to see you this weekend, even if only for a few minutes!


Slick said...

Checkin' in on ya I-Mom!

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Hey Martie,

I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope all is well.

ame said...

my bloglines isn't working all the time - don't undestand it - anyway, almost missed this one!

LOVE mint chocolate cake - YUMMMMM

happy birthday to Amber!!!

wow - 12 - what fun - life will never be the same mema!

River Rat said...

Awesome, love the cake! Definitely looks like she racked up on her birthday. Oh to be twelve again!