Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring ?

Update: Well, they were wrong.....we didn't get the snow or even the rain for that matter....Yippee!

I was just outside walking around, looking at the new growth on the trees and bushes. This picture is outside my back door about 20 feet away. I can't believe how fast the buds on this maple tree are sprouting. I don't know how good the buds will show up against the pine tree but I think if you look close you will be able to see them. I think they look like red velvet!

I also saw some pussy willows, but I have to go to another area of the yard to take that pic and I didn't put a coat on, so I didn't want to stay out too long. It's not bad, almost 60ยบ. but not warm enough for me to be out there in just shirt sleeves. I know, I'm a wussy!

Most of the snow has melted now, except for the spots where it was deeply drifted or the snow was piled from shoveling/plowing. It is supposed to take a turn for the worse again with the return of winter weather for tonight and tomorrow. They predict that there might even be enough snow to shovel again......I HOPE NOT!
I'm more than ready for Spring to stay!


Anonymous said...

Pussy willows?

Everything looks so pretty...


Anonymous said...

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is almost 60 degrees and there is still snow on the ground. That just blows my mind. I guess because when we've had snow, if it is even as low as 40-something the next day- bam! the snow is gone. And, that is fine with me because I'm not a snow person.

Hey, hope they're wrong about the snow. Nice pic! Hugs!

chesneygirl said...

Amen to that!!!

(however I don't think they're wrong...they been saying the same thing down here and since it's stayed in the forecast for the last 3 days....I'm thinking they're pretty sure) :(

ame said...

you know, just the word, "shoveling" is enough to keep me in the south ;)

hope your memory of winter passes quickly and allows the spring to resume peacefully :)

Tracy said...

We just got a fresh coating of snow last night!! What the heck, it is supposed to be SPRING!

Renee said...

I'm glad spring is finally hitting y'all (a little bit, at least). I always feel bad for you in all of that snow. I'm not a snow person at all, though, so maybe it's just me.

Slick said...

Pretty tree anyway.

60 degrees is considered pretty cool weather for here. It was in the 80's yesterday ;)

We are getting the rain ya'll didn't get!

pmo3ws said...

That tree is like a flower to me! Our's has buds and I can't wait till they pop out "one of these days!"