Saturday, November 26, 2005

Will Bwana Return As Planned?

It is Saturday and the hubby is due home sometime. There is a question of whether or not he will be able to get here. Where he was, there have been blizzard warnings for the last few days. I'm hoping the roads are not too bad and he can get here.......even though I seem to still be upset with him over this whole ordeal!

Thanksgiving was wonderful, good food and great company. But my daughter and her family are always a lot of fun to be with. Everyone in her family had a cold except for her 13-year old daughter, so they were feeling a little tired and sniffly. None of my boys was supposedly hunting and one was having dinner with his in-laws and the other one was home in bed with a fever! His wife and son stopped for a while to visit but since the roads were pretty nasty they didn't stay too long. Fortunately none of us had too far to go. My other daughter lives in Kentucky with her two children and a third on the way and decided not to travel this year for the holidays.

On Friday, the oldest son came out to visit with his two sons, ages 2 and 8. The two year old is beginning to talk and repeats everything he hears. The grandchildren's name for me is "Mema". To hear this adorable 2-year old walk around my house calling my name sounds like music to me! The 8-year old and the usual granddaughter played outside, sledding and rolling in the snow while my son shoveled my driveway. The 2-year old stayed in and played with toys and talked my ear off. If only I could understand "baby babble".

Today the usual granddaughter and I will clean the house and spend time watching some movies we rented and just enjoy being with each other before she has to go home to her Mom tomorrow.

Life is good!


Lori said...

I hope that your hubby made it home all right. The wind is raging here and I hear that snow may be on its way. Not sure if I'm ready for that or not!

Seabiscuit said...

I am glad that you are able to spend such quality time with your granddaughter!