Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Scary Event

It is Sunday, November 20, 2005. It is 2:59 AM. I am posting this and typing now because it may be the only chance I have for a while to do so.

I have just returned from two days in Marquette, MI. My hubby was deer hunting up near there. He was lucky enough to have shot a six point buck. He was UNLUCKY enough to make a trip to the emergency room of Marquette General Hospital on Friday late afternoon or early evening. I got the call at 8:27 P.M. Friday night. He had a heart attack and they were taking him to the Heart Catherazation Lab and if needed they would also do any procedure at that time to ensure his survival!

Our youngest son, the usual granddaughter and his mother and I headed for the U.P. By the time we notified everyone that we had to contact we were finally on our way at around 11 P.M. It is usually a 10 hour drive, but we made it in just over 7 1/2 hours. We hit very little traffic and the weather was most co-operative. Our arrival time ~ 6:30 A.M.

Upon arriving and finding him , with some difficulty , his Doctor came and talked to us and informed us that this was a "MAJOR" heart attack. And......because he waited so long to seek medical attention, he will have some permanent damage to his heart. It is too early to say for sure just how much, but they know there will be some. He will have an echocardiogram in the future and that should give them a good idea of how much damage there is.

He will be in there 5 days in all. He should be released on Wednesday. His wish is to return to deer camp......not to hunt.......just to sit and enjoy the camaradarie and relax. I must say that I am a bit hurt to think he would prefer that over coming home under the circumstances, but I am trying to be understanding. It is hard to do. After driving all night just to get there to be with him and being deprived of sleep for a couple of days I am having a hard time with this one, LORD! Also, on Saturday he asked us to leave and just go home and take care of business. He wanted his son to return to work because he knows they need the money, he was concerned for the usual granddaughter missing any school and homework, he was worried about his mother's health because of her diabetes, and of course he was afraid that I would become to stressed and have another heart attack myself. So I am trying to look at it from a new viewpoint......that being the one that if that is where he wants to be perhaps his recovery will be faster if he is happy there for a couple of days after his release. Maybe he feels the need to really commune with nature after the ordeal he has been through and I will just accept that and put it behind me and go on from there. After all, things could always be worse, I could be planning a funeral. I will count my blessings and move on!


Bainwen Gilrana said...

How scary and horrible!

It is surprising that he wouldn't want to be home after feeling well. When I'm not well, the last thing I'd want would be to be out in the cold-- I would want to be home in my own bed! And that's just for feeling poorly, not for any sort of major anything.

But then, he may just want the quiet for a little while before coming home to face what he must face. Sort of trying to gather his spiritual strength before having to deal with medical issues. But it can't be easy on you, I'm sure. Especially after such a scare!


You and your family will be in my prayers.

Lori said...

How frightening!

I can also understand the hurt that you must feel. But please don't take it personally (I can you not?) He probably knows that you would want to take care of him and "hover"....and he may simply need thinking time to get used to the idea of what happened...and to feel that he still has control over his life and as a man. I imagine that him wanting to be back at the deer grounds has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how he needs to deal with this. I'm not sure his doctor will approve of being out in the cold, etc, however.

Don't forget, in all of this, to also take good care of YOU. I will be thinking of you both. Hugs!

clew said...

We've talked, lady, but just wanted to say again, hang in there - and if there's anything I can do let me know! My email's always open ;)!

Seabiscuit said...

Martie, I'm very sorry. Both my uncle and grandfather suffered heart attacks. Your husband sounds a bit like my grandfather. He didn't want anybody fussing over him either.

~cyber hugs~

Connie and Rob said...

Martie, I am so sorry about this terrible time for you and your husband. I can really understand why you feel hurt about your husband not wanting to come straight home with you. How many times have you probably had this conversation that men are so different than women.

He probably is scared and they usually don't ever want to show that to their family. He probably wants to go back to the guys...collect himself and come home.

Then there will be time for you and your husband to be close and talk this out. It is a very scary thing but you have been blessed and he will be home to give you a big hug soon!

naive-no-more said...

Well, I would be extremely hurt too if my husband chose to stay at camp instead of come home to be with his family on Thanksgiving, but I do believe that it isn't that he doesn't want to be with you.

HUGS!!! Cyber and real!

martie said...

He has been released from the hospital and given permission by his Dr. to return to deer camp.

He and I discussed it and even though I don't agree with him on this and am still hurt there is nothing I can do but accept it.

If he's well enough to go to deer camp he shouldn't expect any special treatment from me when he comes home.

I have had a couple heart attacks and some bypass surgery and stent placement also and he would have been very pi**ed if I had wanted to go somewhere else. I just don't understand!

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

Seabiscuit said...

Thanks for the update Martie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Connie and Rob said...

Hugs right back at you! Take care.

Lori said...

I'm glad your hubby is doing better, but feel badly for you because of his decision. I would be hurt, too, if my husband had made this choice.

I do wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and know that when I count my blessings this year, you are among them! God bless.

Nicole said...

What a scare! I was happy to read your update that he was released & doing well. I do understand your frustration & hurt over his wanting to return to deer camp...and they say women are hard to understand!

Chin up,

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

What a difficult circumstance. I have no words of encouragement to offer as they could be meaningless anyways. But I will pray for you.


Please not only heal Martie's husbands heart, but I also ask that you would heal Marties heart as it is broken. Please fill her with your spirit and let her know in her heart of hearts that you understand and care for her. Please heal the wounds that are inflicting her devistated soul. In Jesus name I pray....Amen