Monday, November 14, 2005

Hey, my trees are naked!

We had another wind storm here yesterday. All of the trees around here are now naked. That is not exactly the way that I would normally describe them. However, I took care of my three year old nephew today and he informed me, with much surprise in his little voice, that my trees were naked! I had trouble not laughing out loud but I didn't dare since he was so serious about it!

While driving home from a neighboring town late this afternoon, I realized that most of the trees are now "naked". Far from the beauty of the brilliant fall colors of only a few short weeks ago. And yet, there was beauty in the bare branches with the lavender and pink from the sky bathing them in a soft light.

In all the past years, I had never noticed how beautiful the trees are with their unadorned branches majestically reaching for the sky. Without their "clothes" on, one can see the many curves and intricate arches they make in their upward spiral of reaching toward Heaven.

I must remember to thank my nephew for pointing out the "naked trees" to me and tell him when he is older that he taught me to appreciate the beauty in them..........through the eyes of a child!


Lori said...

We are experiencing MAJOR winds here today: sustained speeds of 35-40 mph with gust of 55-60! I suspect that will definitely be the last of our beautiful fall leaves. But after reading your post, I'll see the bare winter branches in a new light!

Connie and Rob said...

Thank your nephew for me also. I am always so gloomy about fall and winter. I need someone like him to bring out the beauty in the seasons for me.

Thank you for sharing.

Nunzia said...

that is so sweet. I never thought of it like that. :)

Ruben said...

I have such a dirty mind; I just new you were going to be talking about something else when I read the line"My trees are naked". lol

martie said...

Lori - I hope the winds didn't knock your power did mine, but it is now restored after only 3 hours and I am very grateful for electricty!

Connie and Rob - Small children have a way of putting things in a whole new light, don't they? Thank goodness for the little children and what they can teach us "old farts"!

Nunzia - Thanks for the comment....he is a very sweet little boy!

Ruben - LOL, you are very refreshing....dirty mind and all!

Thank you all!