Saturday, November 12, 2005

Everyone is needed and plays a KEY role!

Just a little note to explain this post before you read it.

I have a friend whose children are now grown and the last one has just recently left "the nest." She is feeling very unneeded and unimportant lately. Although the following was written more for the workplace, it can be applied to life in general. May this help you, my friend!

Xvxn though my typxwritxr is an old modxl, it works wxll xxcxpt for onx of thx kxys. I'vx wishxd many timxs that it workxd pxrfxctly. Trux, thxrx arx 42 kxys that function, but onx kxy not working makxs thx diffxrxncx.

Somxtimxs, it sxxms to mx that our organization is somxwhat likx my typxwritxr - not all thx pxoplx arx working propxrly. You might say, "Wxll, I'm only onx pxrson. It won't makx much diffxrxncx." But you sxx, an organization, to bx xfficixnt, nxxds thx activx participation of xvxry pxrson. Thx nxxt timx you think your xfforts arxn't nxxdxd, rxmxmbxr my typxwritxr, and say to yoursxlf, "I am a kxy pxrson and thxy nxxd mx vxry much!"

I found this in some of the things that were my mothers. I don't know who originally wrote this piece, but I hope it will help my friend put her life back in perspective.


Connie and Rob said...

I so agree. Each and every person effects a life. Your friend is just in a holding pattern till she finds out what path she will take to start a new episode in her life.

Lori said...

Tell her, also, to remember "It's a Wonderful Life!" We have no idea, nor will we ever really know, how we have impacted others'lives with our own. If it had not been for her, these children wouldn't be here at all. And their accomplishments and dreams are a reflection of what they've learned from her.

I'll have to remind myself of this in a couple of years when my own nest begins to empty.

clew said...

I like it!!! :)