Sunday, October 01, 2006


October 1st and we went on our first color tour ride this season.

We took Amber with us and one of our nieces, Telyse. She is 9 1/2 but she and Amber have always played really well together and we thought if Amber had someone to help keep her occupied, she might not complain and get bored as easily. We were partially correct.....she didn't get as bored but instead of having one little girl to complain about things we ended up with two!

Fifteen minutes into the ride they complained that they were thirsty. I repeated to them that I had asked them if they wanted to bring something to drink along and both had told me "no". I guess I misunderstood. "No" meant they didn't want anything to drink that we had at home, they wanted us to stop and buy them something. I laughed and told them that they would have to wait. We would be stopping to have some lunch in a while and they could get something to drink then.

As we looked at the red, yellow, orange and mauve leaves, they played tic-tac-toe in the back seat and some other games. Hey, they were quiet and that was a good thing! Then they started talking about hearing stories of when their moms and dads were little and had to endure hours spent riding in the car and inevitably ended up arguing in the back seat. So they started THE GAME. You know, the one where one says "She's touching me, make her stop touching me!" and the other responds with "She's looking at me, tell her not to look at me!" When they are just playing it isn't so bad....but we know it always escalates into the real thing, don't we Moms and Dads?! Sure enough, that's exactly what happened...after one of them said "She's breathing my air!", I told them that is enough and to stop it and get along or we wouldn't be stopping for any food. Success! Now they weren't even speaking to one another.....ah, it was bliss.....nice and quiet for a few miles until they once again became friends and chatted amicably in the back seat for the duration of our outing.

We stopped and ate and then headed back to drop Telyse off at her house and then came home. Normally Amber would go home on Sunday evening so she wouldn't miss school Monday morning, but she doesn't have school Monday, so she will be staying with us and I will take her home sometime on Monday.....unless she talks me into one more night and I drive her to school on Tuesday! She's a good talker.......


chesneygirl said...

Oh Martie! have got to be one of the best grandma's EVER!!
That little Amber is one lucky girl (as well as the rest of your grandchildren) and I'm so jealous of them! I never knew my maternal grandmother, as she died before I was born and I was never really close to my paternal grandmother.
You spend so much quality time with them and do such nice things for them. :)

I just CAN. NOT. wait. to meet only FOUR days!!!! :)

Mindless Dribbler said...

I'm in agreement with CG.

See? Even I can make a nice comment.

Did you take that picture?

martie said...

CG and Drib - thanks for the compliments. If you ask MY children if I'm nice, I'm sure they will remember growing up with a MEAN mom! No, I didn't take that picture Drib, but it is pretty isn't it!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

What a grandma. That picture is simply gorgeous!

Ame said...

"she's breathing my air!!!" LOLOLOLOL!!!

ahhhh . . . we don't have "fall" where i live - it's either green or brown - every once in awhile you'll find another color! the pic is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I like that picture! Being the only child and the only grandchild for quite some years, it is hard for me to imagine such youthful picking and jabbering. By the time other grandchildren came along, I was at the age that the adults expected me to be the mature one and the leader. :(

Now you are making me want to drive up to the mountains and take pictures. :)

RIVERRAT said...

Wow, what a wonderful Grandmother! You rock! By the way Michigan is BEAUTIFUL! I so want to move, really. My husband on the other hand, well that will take some persuading. I can't wait to come back up! We stayed with his Parents in their lake house, I just loved how peaceful and serene it all was!

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Martie,
You are really some Grandmother. I hope you are appreciated. You need to get some rest for yourself. Take care.


RIVERRAT said...

We were staying in Grass Lake, ya'll have got some beautiful country up there! My husband is into construction, he's in SC right now re-building a dike. He called this morning to say that he would be home sometime around 8 tonight! When we were in Michigan we mostley traveled to Jackson and the Ann Arbor area. I love it, his family actually has a company named after them. So the job part wouldn't be to hard for him, it's construction as well. I just don't understand why he doesn't want to move? Ughhh, Men! Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets 'romanced' by the internet! lol

Smalltown RN said...

Oh I can relate to your story so well. Even when I would pack travel bags for each of my girls and games and stuff for them to do in the car they fought. I just resolved myself to the fact that trips would take longer as stop breaks were always in order. For their sake and mine. Thanks for sharing.

Hi my name is Mary Anne and I am going to be your Halloween swap person. I just got your name from Pea. My blog is Come visit me sometime.

Hope your are having a grand day.

Cheers from the westcoast.

Rebecca said... ;)

What a gorgeous photo!!! Tell me you found that online, and that you aren't actually seeing that around your way! That's just gorgeous! :)

martie said...

Rebecca ~ I did find that picture onling, but the colors are starting to look like that where we went for our ride. I just forgot to take my camera with me....chalk it up to one more senior moment! ;)

Chloe said...

you are a courageous Grandmother!
i grew up very far from all my grandparents and have missed on walks with them. i am sure they have great fun with you.

Dorothy said...

Oh, Marti, I bet it's beautiful! I need to get out and see the countryside in Virginia, leaves are starting to's beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of year!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful picture! It is so nice to see that people still stop to enjoy the wonders of nature! We are living in such a fast paced society, these things tend to get over looked.

McSwain said...

What a gorgeos picture! I'm going to remember your "I must have misunderstood line" and borrow it to use on My Boy, who ALWAYS wants me to stop and buy him something to drink, even if we're only runnin errands around town for an hour. And I agree--you're a great grandma!

Anonymous said...

hey there
I so miss the east and all the colors, it is nice here in oregon, but honestly it is so wonderful with color in virginia this time of year. I miss it so.
thanks for sharing.