Friday, September 29, 2006

Is it fall or summer?

Here in Michigan the weather is not very predictable.

It is the end of September and today in southwest Michigan where I live we were under a tornado warning. These are pictures of two different waterspouts within a 7 mile range of each other. The lower one on the left is the one that came on shore and headed inland triggering the tornado warning. The upper one on the right came on shore and quickly dissipated! Waterspouts that occur on the Big Lake this time of year are called cold air funnels. They are only upgraded to a tornado when they come on shore and intensify. Fortunately there was no reported damage from these storms.

Earlier this morning we had a frost and freeze advisory posted. And a couple of days ago the temp was 71. Heck, our high for today was only 57 degrees. So much for thinking that tornados only happen when the weather is hot and humid.

There is a saying about Michigan and the weather. "You don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change, but you still might not like it!"

At least it didn't snow!!


Connie and Rob said...

I am so sorry I haven't been by recently.
First my prayers are certainly with your niece. How sad for such a young girl to be going through this trouble.
Second, I am glad you didn't break anything when you fell but I know you still hurt. Unfortunately our bodies don't roll like they did when we were little. Falling now takes time to get over.
Third, the weather looks terrible and it is nice to hear it didn't hit you personally very hard.

Take care my friend,

Ame said...

wow! those pics are incredible!!! i am so glad you're safe! we get a lot of tornado warnings this time of year, too ... but haven't had many storms or clouds ...

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome but scary pictures! Weather can be so unpredictable. We had an odd thunderstorm on Thursday. The high was in the low 60's. The storm was rather intense. The skies remained a dark blue for so long. The dark blue would move and backtrack. Several times I thought the storm was over and then, BOOM! - a crash of thunder. It was just plain odd.

McSwain said...

Wow--Cool pictures!

Rachel said...

Just wait, the snow will come it always does there. I am glad I don't have to shovel. Love ya.

chesneygirl said...

Oh boy do I know what ya mean...why oh WHY couldn't my family have been from Florida? or even Colorado...just SOMEwhere where the weather is PREDICTABLE!

This made me think of when I was living in Big Rapids eight years ago and a tornado hit FSU's campus the first week of OCTOBER! It was SOOO bizarre!!!