Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!

Yesterday was my grandson's 3rd birthday! Elijah is getting so big so fast. I wish they could stay small longer but it doesn't work that way.

I went to his party at a place where they serve pizza and the kids can play on slides, climbing ropes, a bounce tent, and in a cage containing plastic balls. I took Amber and her younger brother Hunter with me. Bumpa wasn't able to attend with us due to a previous engagement.

No sooner had we arrived and the kids started playing when Hunter came to me crying that he wet his pants. Hunter is 4! Of course we had no extra clothes along with us for him. He doesn't usually wet himself. I think with all the excitement of playing on all the equipment and being with his cousins, he just forgot to come and tell me he had to go to the bathroom. There was nothing I could do but leave and find a store and buy him a whole new set of clothes to wear. The place we were at was over 20 miles from our house and 30 miles from his house. Luckily, there was a Target store nearby. Hunter and I left and went shopping and found him a pair of shorts on sale, a shirt to go with it, and some new underwear and socks! Yupper! When he wet, he got everything wet!! So after dropping $21. on new clothes for Hunter and washing him up with baby wipes I had in the car and dressing him in his new clothes, we headed back to the play place.

The party was fun and the kids had a great time running and playing and screaming. Amber got a couple of rugburn marks on her elbows from going down a slide holding hands with another little girl, but other than that, no injuries. HOORAY!! Hunter and Amber were both going to spend the night here, but after the party and upon exiting the play place, Hunter started crying that he wanted to go home instead. So I had to call his parents and let them know that I would be bringing him home. They live 16 miles from my house so after driving the extra 16 miles there and back, I never got home until 10:30. By the time I got Amber settled in, it was well after midnight before I got to bed. But, as long as Elijah had a great birthday that's all that matters!


Anonymous said...

You are one super nice grandma! The party sounded kiddo fun approved. We have several places like that...two places that serve pizza and have games - even paintball. I don't go to these places. LOL I'm too old. But, if I had a kid, I'd be there. We also have a Chuck E Cheese (spelling?). Chuck E Cheese is real kiddo approved. LOL

In the big city, we have this tea house place. It is supposed to be a real hit with girls. I don't know. I've not ever been there but someone has a granddaughter and she says it is neat. Who would have ever thought a tea house would be kiddo fun approved. LOL I think they do a dress up thing at the tea house.

Now when I was a little girl, you wouldn't have convinced me that a tea house would be more fun than climbing ropes and sliding down slides. LOL

Hope your Sunday is great!

Ame said...

that's so sweet! i try to keep an extra set of clothes in the van for my Youngest. she hates to be wet yet likes to play with water ~ and i always have water for them to drink in the van ;)

glad you enjoyed that place - those places drive me nuts!!! but as you say, as long as Elijah had a great birthday, that really is all that matters in the end ;)

Renee said...

Everything is harder with those little ones, huh? But more fun too. Glad they all had a good time.
Thank God for Target, huh?

Connie and Rob said...

You are such a good grandma. One could only hope to have someone love them as much as you love your kiddies.

Glad everything turned out well for Elijah's birthday. Hope you get to catch up on your rest.

Take care,

Mindless Dribbler said...

Yeah...I think it was the excitement too. At least, that's the excuse I use when it happens to me ;)

martie said...

Awww Drib....sorry this happens to you too! Maybe you will outgrow it soon! LOL

Rebecca said...

Hey Martie - Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! Happy Bday to Elijah! :)

And yes - I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to respond to your post sooner. Thanks for the adoption! :)

naive-no-more said...

That's was nice of you. Poor Hunter - he must have felt awful. I bet it sure felt good to have nice dry clothes on and love from a Grandma.

Autumn said...

Aww poor baby. I am sure he was embarressed..I'm glad it all turned out ok. It looks like the party was fun. Kids grow up so fast!

chesneygirl said...

Reason #257 why Target is the greatest place on earth.
(okay, maybe not THEE greatest but one of them anyway) ;)

Glad everyone had a fun time!!! Those pizza party places are a blast!!