Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dentist Office

Hubby visited his dentist yesterday. He had some extensive dental work done requiring him to remain home all of yesterday. He came home with a script for some pain medication which I took to the pharmacy and had it filled for him. The pain medication makes him sleepy not long after taking it. He will be home from work today as well. One can not work if one can not remain awake! He is pretty miserable anyway. His face is quite swollen and without the medication he is in a considerable amount of pain. I'm certain he will return to work Wednesday.....at least I hope so. I love him and I feel sorry for him, but dang, he really interferes with my normal routine. See, it's all about me! Just kidding....I really do feel sorry for him. I am taking good care of him......soup, jello and anything else that he feels he can eat. I am tired though.

The night before his dental work, one of our sons called and asked me if I would take him to the emergency room. He was running a temp of 105 degrees and he said something was swollen on the roof of his mouth. His significant other couldn't take him without waking up their small children and dragging them along, so what's a mom to do except get dressed and make the ER trip. After he received a shot of an antibiotic in the right buttock (which was good for a lot of moaning and carrying on by him and a stifled chuckle by me) and a written RX for some more antibiotics and some pain medication, I returned him to his house and came home. I got home about 1:30 AM.

I'm thinking that in another day or so, they both need to share their pain meds with me......I'll be ready for a much needed rest by then!


Nelly said...

Oh man...I feel sorry for him! Dental work SUCKS! Tell him I hope he feels better soon!

Mindless Dribbler said...

Me and the dentist truly dont get along. Hate it for the Hubs.

Awww, laughing while your son is being poked by a long sharp piece of metal? Martie!! I'm ashamed ;)

Was wondering where you were yesterday, now I know. Tiiirrreeeddd.

Ame said...

ahhhh ... pharmecutical companies!!!! gotta love them!!! i sure do! hehehehehe

gosh, i know my mouth has absorbed more money over my life than anything else, but i don't get to "cash it in" ever! i just get to live pain-free. i've had numerous teeth pulled, braces, sking graft, lost count of the root canals, crowns, and fillings. sometimes it's just nicer to sleep through it all ;)

and yes, they need to pass on those leftover drugs - they have plum worn you out!!!!!

btw - a shot in the butt is a good thing, isn't it!!!!! well, if he's gonna have to wake you up in the middle of the night, you might as well get some entertainment out of it!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Luckily for me (so far) cleaning and one cavity is all I've had to endure at the dentist's office. I hope hubby is feeling better soon (for the both of you). I hope your son is feeling better too. I still have my tonsils and sometimes the left one will become sore. I don't know why the left one will become sore more often than the right...go figure! I wouldn't mind having my tonsils removed!

Well, here's to more rest for Martie! :)

Smalltown RN said...

What a lovely wife and mom you are. It's amazing how many hats we can wear don't you think. Hope they both are feeling much better soon.

I to hate going to the dentist. One of my last dentists dropped the drill in my mouth and I ended up with an unexpected 8 stitches to my tongue. Ouch!!!

Hope you get your much needed rest soon....


HoBess said...

Oh I feel for these men in your life ... especially your husband! I had root canal last year (first and last I hope!) and it was so not fun I don't even have words. Hope everyone is well and back at it today. I know how you mean about routines :)

I tried to comment the other day on your beautiful fall photo, but got bloggered. grrr. I usually come to Michigan this time of year, but can't this year. So, thanks for sharing the beauty with me. I really am missing my annual trip!

Hugs to you and yours!

chesneygirl said...

I HATE the dentist! HATE.

And WOW! Look at you...you have a blogroll now!!
Getting all tech-y on us now are ya? LOL

HUGS! :)

Tracy said...

Did he have an abscessed tooth? That can cause lots of swelling, pain and give you fever!

I hope he is feeling better!

HoBess said...

Used to drive all the way up to the Flint area, which from Missouri is a haul! There's a great donut place in Battle Creek that became part of the sojourn home each year. How funny is that? All the way to Battle Creek, Mi., for donuts?! Love your part of the state ... it's just beautiful.

Connie and Rob said...

Martie they are so lucky to have you in your family. You are the best ever!!! You need to go to bed and have everyone wait on you for one weekend.


Ruben said...

I ove my dentist. He saved me from the wisdom tooth from hell.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Aww... you take such good care of everyone! :-)