Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We're good to go!

Took my son to the doctor today and yipeee! The swelling is down enough to do the surgery. It doesn't look like he will lose his foot after all. The doctor said he will need to make three incisions - one on each side of his ankle and one behind on his calf. It is scheduled for Friday at 10:45 AM. And BONUS ~ the doctor is going to try and do it as an outpatient type surgery! That will save the kid some money since he doesn't have any insurance.

The doctor is an ex-dirt bike rider himself and told my son that he will try and fix his ankle so he can still ride dirt bikes! I told the doctor that he's as stupid as the son is! He laughed!

Thanks again for all the support and prayers, you guys are the best!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Martie,

Thanks for the update. This is great news! (((Martie))) & (((son)))

Connie and Rob said...

Such good news about your son's condition. I will be thinking of you on Friday.

My niece's boyfriend just had a bike accident Sunday. He really tore up his knee all the way down. He was in emergency surgery. I wish they would outlaw those motorcycles. They are just too dangerous.

Take care,

Ame said...

You GO Mom! Tell that doctor!!! One would think the doctor's know better!!!

Yay for your son!!!!! Hopefully the loooong wait will have given him lots of opportunity to think and pray and reflect :)

Nelly said...

Oh thank GOSH!!!! Now sending successful surgery prayers for Friday. Good luck mom!

It's Just Me said...

How relieved you must feel! I'm still sending prayers for a successful surgery and recovery...and that he won't get back on that bike!