Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brought to you by the letter "D"

I asked Naive if I could play and she assigned me the letter "D". I'm supposed to think of 10 words that start with the letter "D" and why they are important to me.....Piece of cake!

DREW ~ my 2nd to the youngest grandson at the moment. He is so very special to all of us. His Momma and Daddy went through so very much just to conceive and deliver him.....He is truly our miracle grandchild!

DAUGHTERS ~ I am lucky enough to have one birth daughter (Drew's Momma) one acquired daughter who lives in Kentucky, two daughter-in-laws who have brought great things to our family, and an adopted daughter, Clew, who lives in Ohio! She isn't formally adopted but we are close in heart!

DOUG ~ My middle son who just had the surgery and is coming along nicely in his recovery!

DOGS ~ My many fine 4-legged children that I have had over the years. The current one, Prancer is a sweet girl and is always happy to see me when I return. Even if I only went out to the mailbox!!

DARKNESS ~ For without the darkness, we wouldn't appreciate the light, nor would we be able to get the sleep and rest we need for the daylight hours.

DRAWING ~ Because without all the drawings from my grandchildren my house wouldn't contain as much artwork that it does. They are more valuable to me than any Picasso.

DIRT ~ Good black dirt - for growing our beautiful flowers and vegetables. I love to watch the flowers grow in my yard!

DAD'S ~ I often stand in wonder at the Dad's in my grandchildren's lives and think how lucky they are to have each other. The things the dad's can teach the little ones and the things the little ones can teach the dad's.

DRIVE ~ A nice relaxing Saturday or Sunday drive along a peaceful road with no where in particular to go or have to be.

DESSERTS ~ I probably should say "low-fat"desserts, but I'm going to include all desserts. They are yummy and should be eaten by everyone on occasion!

There it is......My list. Now I think I might just go and find me some dessert!!


naive-no-more said...

Nice list. Especially the first two! ;)

I love drives too. You probably don't want to know that we take back roads and crack a few beers do you?

martie said...

No naive, ignorance "was" bliss but now you ruined it. Call if you get picked up for open container!

McSwain said...

What a GREAT list! There's a lot of love in that post. Geez, I'd let Naive figure a way to bail herself out. ;-)

Ame said...

Wow - "D" was/is your letter!!!!! What a wonderful list! And Drew is a CUTIE!!!

HoBess said...

Martie this is just magical ... you managed to list some things just for you but also some things all of us should take a break and appreciate. For instance, I never appreciated good, black dirt until the builder put our sod right on top of rock! In Chicago a truck came and dumped good, black dirt on our yard before the sod went down, not here! Oh, the simple sustenance we forget to say thank you for. So, THANK YOU!

So glad to hear your son is recovering well. Thoughts with all of you this weekend!

clew said...

Hey wow! I got included! You like me, you really like me!!


Great list, Martie! My personal favorite (after 1 & 2) was darkness. Very nice angle.

Love you!

It's Just Me said...

That was a great list!

I loved your take on Darkness the best too. How can we know and appricate happiness if we were never sad? How can we know good if we've never seen bad? Very interesting, very true.

Oh, and Drew is an absolute doll. Have fun with him this weekend.

Ame said...

Hey Martie - I finally responded to your comments on my blog - a couple of them, I think :) Wanted to let you know ...

Anonymous said...

Dessert is an important part of my meal plan. LOL

Cheetarah1980 said...

Drew is touching my heart. Way too cute for his own good. ADORABLE!!

martie said...

cheetarah1980 ~ this little "man" has touched my heart from his very beginning.....he has this "mema" wrapped around everyone of his little fingers!